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How To Build A Successful Social Media Strategy

Did you know that more than 65% of business owners plan to use social media even more in 2012 to help grow their business?

Every business will have a different social media strategy. While the basics remain the same, there are different methods that can be used depending on what your niche is. When you develop your social media strategy, always remember to:

1.     Create and understand your goals

It is important to pre determine what you want to get out of your social media efforts. Your first step is to always engage the user and work on building your following. The end result should always be to either increase sales, increase branding, or build your database.

2.     Stay engaged in the conversation

Before investing a lot of time and resources into social media, it’s a mandatory to engage and stay engaged with your followers. Relationships will build and your brand will spread.

3.     Design a Content Plan

Pre-determine what your content and what your aim will be, and design alike. How many messages do you want to send out every day? These are the types of details that should be outlined in your social media strategy. You never want to bombard the user with messages, so it is recommended to keep it limited and always put thought into your posts.

4.     Employ the “free give-away” tactic

This is a great technique for brand awareness and to build your following quickly. Everyone wants something for free, and they are willing to “follow” you or “like” your content to have a chance to win something. You can also use the free giveaway in other advertising you may do.

5.     Use an Analytics program

As you build followings on the various social networks, you will also see an increase in traffic to your website. If you are doing other forms of advertising like Pay Per Click (PPC), it can become more difficult to determine what’s bringing you the results and what’s dead in the water. Using an analytics program will streamline the process and make it tons easier to see where your traffic is coming from…it will show you what is working and what is not. Analytics can save you time as well as money.

As you can see, there is a lot that can go into ones social media strategy. Developing your strategy should not be taken lightly. You need to take everything into account here and the number one recommendation is to do research!

Even a simple Google search can give you insight and help you develop your marketing strategy and plan. It is also recommended to employ some type of A/B Split Testing so that you can see what pages and graphics give you the best conversions.

The most important thing to remember when you’re developing your social media strategy is your goal. If your goal is to build your following, employ relationship building techniques and if you’re trying to sell a product, run a promotion!

Hot Tip:
If you use Facebook, the Events feature is great to broadcast a promotion! You can send out an event invitation to all of your fans with your promotion simply by clicking Event!

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  • Samuel Junghenn's picture
    Sep 23 Posted 4 years ago Samuel Junghenn

    Couldn't agree more Mahendra!

  • Sep 23 Posted 4 years ago led4 (not verified)

    Towards Number 4: Employ the “free give-away” tactic, you cannot give away something to someone if they "like" your businesses Facebook Page, this is againsts Facebooks rules and regulations for Business Pages. 

  • Samuel Junghenn's picture
    Aug 8 Posted 4 years ago Samuel Junghenn

    @SocialMarvels i totally agree with you, some community managers get so caught up in the giving aspect that they  great a community that has a high standard of free demands.  It needs to be managed carefullly to ensure this does not happen.  

  • socialmarvels's picture
    Aug 7 Posted 4 years ago socialmarvels

    Be careful with your 'give away free stuff' tactic. Audiences get spoiled easily and community managers might get stuck having to constantly one-up their own strategy.


  • Aug 7 Posted 4 years ago mjwhartnaby

    You provided great insight and an easy-to-follow plan for a social media strategy.  People don't understand why their social media plans fail.  The biggest reason is due to a lack of committment.  Check out my post on a social media plan: http://www.prospectrmarketing.com/social-media-plan/

  • learnit2earnit's picture
    Aug 7 Posted 4 years ago learnit2earnit

    The fact you point out here Samuel is social media is about having a plan and one plan does not fit all.  Each business must determine their own specific goals and then the proper social media can be applied.  Whether it is a proper blog, joinging platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or even knowing if mobile marketing is best for your business --- quality time on your goals and plans are important.

    Thank you for sharing your insight on this topic.

  • Samuel Junghenn's picture
    Aug 7 Posted 4 years ago Samuel Junghenn

    totally agree Mahendra, this new social world is all about engaging and connecting with your target market

  • Mahendra's picture
    Aug 7 Posted 4 years ago Mahendra

    Hi Samuel  Nice post, your analysis made very clear about the importance of social media now days it is a necessary thing to show yourself to the world and don't think that social media generates more and more leads but it gives more recognizes your brand and it is the Best way to reach the costumers.

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