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How Can You Use Social Media for Proactive CSR Activity?

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is an old field within Corporate Communications. It seeks to build a brand awareness for corporations and their activities by engaging with the local community to promote social betterment. This creates a good reputation for the companies, at the same time it helps the local community as well. 

The rise of social media has caused several changes in the way CSR functions. It has made way for transparency in business practices and has helped increase business reach. Now people from all over the world can follow and learn about a company’s CSR activities on social media.

Use visuals 

Marketers should make active use of pictures and videos on their social media pages. They should actively promote all of the CSR functions that a company is providing. This could include setting up a school or providing free medicines. Social media is useful in this regard because it makes it easy to share stuff with your followers. It increases the audience size without any extra cost. 

The marketers can make their companies more discoverable by actively using the various social media features such as retweets, hashtags and likes. This can open up a whole new audience for the CSR activities of a company, making it a great way to earn some goodwill.

Engage with the community

The marketers should look to actively engage with their community. This can be done by running contests, providing discounts and coupons. The contests should be run publicly. The winner of a contest should be provided a meaningful prize, such as an invitation to attend a CSR event organised by the company. The discounts and coupons can increase the sales for the company’s products and at the same time it can also increase the brand awareness.

Use analytics tools

Many social media networks provide research and analytics tools. These can help marketers in judging whether their campaigns are successful or not. These tools come in several forms, such as counting the number of likes or retweets, or measuring the amount of time spent by users on social media pages. Many marketers have successfully used tools such as to measure their own effectiveness. These tools if used effectively can make the campaigns of marketers more effective and efficient at the same time. 

Marketers can also rope in celebrities to promote their CSR events. It is well known that association with a famous person always helps a company and its brand image. Marketers can get celebrities to promote their CSR events on social media. Celebrities are known to have many followers on social media and this can be used to further the goals of companies. 

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR has come a long way since the days of newspaper clippings and press reports. In today’s world of social media and internet, it essential to engage with a crowd that spends more than half of its free time online. Social media provides an effective way of engaging with that population.

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