How To Change The Name Of Your Facebook Page… Even If It Has More Than 100 Fans

Posted on March 2nd 2012

How To Change The Name Of Your Facebook Page… Even If It Has More Than 100 Fans

You have misspelled the name of your page, or your business name has changed and you want to change the name of your page?

Follow these steps.

Your page has less than 100 fans

Changing the name is pretty easy.

To edit your Page name :

  1. Go to your Page and click Edit Page in the upper-right corner
  2. Select Basic Information from the menu at left
  3. Change the text in the Name field and save your edits

For Pages with the new timeline design :

  1. Open your Page’s admin panel
  2. Click Manage 
  3. Select Edit Page
  4. Select Basic Information from the left sidebar
  5. Change the text in the Name field and save your edits

Your page has more than 100 fans

Changing your Facebook Page’s name is getting a lot more tougher. If we consider Facebook’s Help Center literature,  you can’t.

“To change the name of a Page with 100 or more likes, you’ll need to delete your Page and recreate it. The Facebook team isn’t able to change Page names for you.”

Can’t they ?

Well, here’s a link to request help to change your page’s name. 

Readers, did you try to change your page name in the past ? Did you succeed ? How did you do it ?

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Posted on March 7th 2012 at 11:49AM

Thanks for the link. I tried and it works. 


This is what facebook emailed me


After a review, it's been determined that the "The SCube - Web Design, Logo Design & Graphic Birmingham" Page name does not meet the Facebook Pages Guidelines. To adhere to these guidelines, your Page has been renamed to: "The SCube".

This is the link to my page:




Shobhit Patil
Posted on April 1st 2012 at 8:36PM

Hi Shovan,


I was wondering if you could help me with more information on this. Could you tell me how many days it took for FB to change your Page name from the date of request ?

Shobhit Patil
Posted on March 31st 2012 at 1:28PM

Thanks for the information. Any idea how much time do they take to get back ?

Posted on October 3rd 2012 at 12:49PM

As far as I remember, they have specifc guidelines on what kind of name changes are allowed and what are not. They basically do not allow any new name that is completely unrelated to the old one. Wise move I would say, as this would confuse and be unfair to users who liked your page earlier which had a different name. They do allow adding some adjectives, or some more information like location etc. For example - wise quotes can be replaced with great wise sayings. But not by words of wisdom :). I wonder if they allow minor edits though - I want to capitalize the words on one of my pages. Given that facebook is so large and usually they never respond to users mail individually, I am surprised they honor page name change requests.