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How to Change Your Facebook Brand Page Username (vanity URL)


Good news for Facebook Page admins. Facebook announced last week that it is now possible to change your Facebook brand page username (that's the vanity url you chose)in the admin tools. 

It's easy-peasy - although there are a couple of things to be aware of:

1.  It seems that fans will not be redirected from the old url. That's a biggie, so think carefully if your exisiting vanity URL is well publicised
2. You can change your username only once.  If it was a typo which got you into this mess in the first place, why not your new name into notepad first? Stare it it a while. Show a friend just to make sure. There are no second chances!

Here's a step-by-step to change your Facebook Page username:

1. Go to your page. Edit page > Update Info

2. If your Page has a vanity URL already, you will be offered the option to change it.
Don't get confused - we're talking about the URL, the bit after the slash on the address, and NOT the actual Page name. Choose the top option.

3. Select the correct page and enter the new username.


4.  Facebook will check the availability ..


5.  And voila, it's changed ... you will now have a new vanity url.

But,. as I said, do think carefully before you make the change, as people entering your old username won't find you.


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  • johngflynn657's picture
    Mar 12 Posted 2 years ago johngflynn657 I provided the documents needed to change my company's brand page. Apparently that is not reflected in the URL, that still has the old name. I have tried visiting the https://www.facebook.com/username but there is no option that applies to what I want to do and I am redirected to my personal username. IS there a way? Or should I just delete the page, lose my followers and annoy them with a new invitation to like mypage??
  • helga greyson's picture
    Jul 26 Posted 3 years ago helga greyson

    Thanks for this information. I'll give it a try. Different kinds of errors occurred when you logged in to FB. Sometimes, when you try to retrieve your account, you'll realize that you are using a wrong URL. I really appreciate your help. Thanks.

  • May 1 Posted 3 years ago Nikia Johnson

    I have the same question as Paige, I have been trying to change my business url and it keeps telling me its unavailable and there is no existing FB url with the address i want.  I have tried reaching out to FB a couple of times with no response.  Pls help!

  • Jan 7 Posted 3 years ago Paige DeChausse

    I have been trying to change my business URL from FB.com/AustinRealtyTeam to FB.com/KentReddingGroup and it keeps telling me the name is unavailalbe in any form I try to create it (uppercase, lower case, etc.) However I have search FB over and the url address on the web and it pulls up nothing. It says the page is not found. I have reached out to FB but have never heard back from them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! 

  • Feb 26 Posted 4 years ago The Showreel

    Hi Guys,

    A quick question.

    I have an existing FB "like page" of only 290 people - but would like to change the name or "vanity" name.

    The name I want is available so no problem.

    My question is - I know if I do this my old "URL" and any link I put on my website or email will be invalid ( but can be replaced with the new one ) - But will my existing "like fans" still be able to see posts and updates once  have changed the name?

    Or do I lose the "fan page" community and have to start again?

    Many thanks for your time.


  • Feb 2 Posted 4 years ago freedman1

    It turns out you get only one username per admin.

    Maybe you get another with over 25 likes - I don't know.

    Set up another admin for your new page.

  • Jan 21 Posted 4 years ago dirsubmit

    Hi Tia,

    Do you know if something has changed recently with FB?  I setup a page begining of Dec and it was letting me choose a username.. couldn't decide what I wanted so I thought I should wait till I could figure it now.  Yesterday I went to setup a new page and it was not letting me pick a username saying and says "Before you can set your username for your page, your page needs more fans."  Which I had never seen before I thought this was done away with a while ago?  I have setup username for pages with 0 fans before a couple of months ago.. so I'm not sure what's going on or has anything recently changed?  Also when I go back and try to setup a username for the other page that it was letting me setup before now it's saying the same thing.  It's not saying how many you need before you can set a username?

    Also if anyone can be kind enough to like the page so we can set the username before we launch that would be great and much appreciated!


    Thank you


  • emoderation's picture
    Jan 15 Posted 4 years ago emoderation

    Hi Marcus -

    Not that I know of (see the two comments on this post above yours).  If you can find the page with the name you seek and contact the admin, I guess it's possible that s/he may agre to release it to you - but that doesn't seem an entirely certain method either, alas.



  • emoderation's picture
    Jan 15 Posted 4 years ago emoderation

    I'm so very sorry: there's nothing I can advise here.  I suppose it's possible that a released name takes a while to return to the pool?  If anyone has any suggestions, please do pile in.

  • emoderation's picture
    Jan 15 Posted 4 years ago emoderation

    Glad to hear that Olga - Nice to have an uncomplicated case and therefore to know that Facebook haven't recently implemented any changes which make this advice outdated ... a lthough of course, they could change things at any point - you know Facebook! :)

  • Jan 13 Posted 4 years ago robertRSS

    Have you received any help on this? I have what I think is a similar situation. I wanted to change my business Facebook page to my business name. When I searched for it it said it was taken so I looked it up. Turns out it was someone else who just like the name and used it for their business's username page. I contacted them and explained the situation. Since they had just created the page, they agreed to change their username page so I could use it, since it is the actual name of my company.

    Now, it appears they have changed theirs, but when I try to use it as my business's username, it says it is not available, but when I go to view it, it just takes me back to my personal facebook page....

    I've tried contacting Facebook, but all they say is "the name is taken choose another name". VERY FRUSTRATING indeed.

    If you find any help or a solution, I'd appreciate hearing about it.




  • Jan 7 Posted 4 years ago ramgod

    Hello, can you please help.   I am trying to change my business username.    I have tried numerous times.   When I try to change the username, it says it is already taken.    When I type in the username that I want,  it directs it to my personal facebook account and not my business account.   Here is the strange part, the personal user namet is set to my name and not my business name.    So, I do not know what is going on.  Can you please help.

  • Nov 22 Posted 4 years ago Marcos Fernandes


    I am currently facing a problem, that I think its a bit retarded. I am trying to change one of my pages username, I have tried countless usernames but all I get is "Username not availabe", I try searching for a page with that username and surprise, not in use...

    Is there a way to get around this?

  • Nov 6 Posted 4 years ago Olga Alvarado

    Thank you for this article.  It was straightforward and worked like a charm.  I was able to change my page address from the FB generated one which had a bunch of numbers, to my new and improved yogisadventures page.  :-)  Muchas gracias!

  • emoderation's picture
    Nov 5 Posted 4 years ago emoderation

    Hi Paul,

    How very frustrating.  I'm so sorry: this is out of my sphere of knowledge, and I can't suggest anything useful.  Can anyone else help?



  • Nov 4 Posted 4 years ago Ana DeShields

    Hi Tia,

    Here is the link to the video:



    Ana DeShields

    Visual Silence Technology

  • Oct 25 Posted 4 years ago Paul Willard

    Hi Tia,

    I'm having some major issues with my facebook page and the URL not matching the username it says I have.

    A long time ago, I registered as www.facebook.com/pwilly but that no longer works when I'm IN the Facebook site or type it in as the URL. When I get notifications about my status and click on them, it brings me to an error page...and sure enough, the URL is www.facebook.com/pwilly.

    However, in the settings, its saying my username is the aforementioned link but it's greyed out. I never changed it so I should still have the one time change to make on it. Right? But alas, I do not have said power to do so.

    I am linked on my ipad and iphone with this account as well BUT, when I put in the username of "pwilly" it does not work. I either have to use my email address or the username of "paulwillard81"...Which, if you go to www.facebook.com/paulwillard81....voila! it's my profile. 

    Doing www.facebook.com/pwilly though brings up an error page and it wont you see the profile. Can you please help? Facebook doesn't have any phone tech support and I've emailed them countless times. I don't know what else to do short of deleting my account completely and starting from scratch. :-/

    Any help or insight you can offer would be very helpful and appreciated!

  • emoderation's picture
    Oct 19 Posted 4 years ago emoderation

    Hi Sharmone

    Hmmm!  Not really sure what you've done there - but logic would suggest that you need to relinquish that URL to be able to take it again for a business page ...



  • emoderation's picture
    Oct 19 Posted 4 years ago emoderation


    I'm really sorry to hear about your experience.  This info i gave was correct at time of going to print  It's not entirely clear to me what the problem is - have you fallen foul of the page not redirecting? Or can you not find your page when you enter the new url?  You say 'to most people' - not sure what this means?  This is the current information from facebook on changing a page url: https://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=203523569682738 - it seems to be no different from my instructions above ...


  • Oct 18 Posted 4 years ago Sharmone

    HI Tia, great site btw.

    Which brings me to my question:

    I've created a personal profile on FB then created a business page. It got past the 26 like mark and i had the chance to create the URL www.facebook.com/turquoiseit so i thought great i can now give this out.

    However i must have done this my personal profile as not only does it show this in my account settings but if followings enter that url it does go to my personal page and not my FB business page.

    Is there any way to take this off or move it over to the business page as currently people have to do a serach rather than use the URL?


    Feel free to like the page: turquouiseit, as i'm trying to get more recognition too ;)

  • Oct 17 Posted 4 years ago dsharon

    Help!  I had no idea what I was getting into. I created my business page 2 days ago.  Spent two days putting in content and promoting and was up to 91 likes.  I get the bright idea to change the username to something easier to remember and put on my business cards.  Low and behold my page is gone, or at least to most people.  What can I do to correct this??  I can't access or edit the page anymore, do I have to start over from scatch!!???  I want to cry!!!

  • emoderation's picture
    Sep 11 Posted 4 years ago emoderation

    Hi Anna 

    Thanks for joining the thread, and it would be great if you could link to a more recent experience of how to do it.  Facebook changes all the time, and it's really hard to keep advice like this up to date.  Please go ahead :)



  • Sep 10 Posted 4 years ago Ana DeShields

    Hello Tia,

    Great post. I noticed a few people had some different experiences from their replies. From your screen shots, they were right on, although, I experienced a few different things AFTER your last screen shot. I made a short YouTube video, do you  mind if I post my link to your post?

    Some reasons why this video may add value to your post:

    1.) The video was made very recent, just made last week, so very up-to-date (9-7-12)

    2.) I didn't have any fans yet - so I didn't experience the problem for the amount of fans needed in order to  change the URL.

    3. ) I needed to change my url as the one I made at first was an experiment butt the page was very important to me because I didn't want to start all over again making a new business page.


    Ana DeShields


  • Aug 15 Posted 4 years ago Riyaz Mansoori

    Hi tia, i have already made a username but by mistake i have choose the username which i dont like anymore , so there is any way i can change it for one more last time?

  • emoderation's picture
    Jul 23 Posted 5 years ago emoderation

    Geek gifts?  What's not to like? :-)  Done.  C'mon folks, help 'em out ...

  • Jul 22 Posted 5 years ago local-geek

    Any chance you could help us out with the likes until we have 25 likes in order to change our URL as well please?


    Many thanks in advance.


    Local Geek Team


  • emoderation's picture
    Jul 16 Posted 5 years ago emoderation

    Hi Adamstar - Well, that is certainly the idea!  You should keep your page exactly as it is - it's just the vanity url which will change.  Let us know how you get on.  Tia

  • Jul 13 Posted 5 years ago adamstar

    But I won't lose all my fans right? it's just if they type the old URL it won't come up anymore? I've been looking to optimize the URL of my fan page. Would love to do it, but want to make sure nothing crazy will happen.

  • Jul 7 Posted 5 years ago Nick 'Gunz' Grz...

    Many brands have Facebook pages that are "unpublished" - holding content and page as a placeholder for a future launch. They're able to assign a vanity username, even without publishing the page.

  • emoderation's picture
    Jul 4 Posted 5 years ago emoderation

    That's a really tricky one - see my reply to another commenter below about re-using URLs.  Your best hope is to contact Facebook and ask them - but as you may well have broken their Terms when you first used your personal page for business, perhaps it's wisest not to put your head over the parapet ...   Why not take a look to see whether you can come up with a slightly modified url which would work for your business?

  • emoderation's picture
    Jul 4 Posted 5 years ago emoderation

    Done :-)  Post it up on your personal profile Facebook status Stephanie - that's bound to get some willing souls to help.

  • Jul 4 Posted 5 years ago Hinni

    Good point Tia,

    this just might be the case. Thank you for the comment.


  • Jul 3 Posted 5 years ago Stephanie McNamara

    Hi Tia,


    Thanks! If anyone and everyone could hit 'Like' on my FB Fan Page and help me out, I would really appreciate it. The Facebook page is:


    Please help me out of Facebook hell!! :-)



  • Jul 3 Posted 5 years ago kturner

    I have a problem with my Facebook URL that I don't know how to fix.  Before there were Business Pages I used my personal page to market to my clients.  I assigned my desired URL to my personal page.  Since then I have created a Facebook Business Page but haven't used it much because I can't get the URL moved from my personal page to my Business Page.  I've thought of converting my Personal Page to a Business Page then changing the name to my Business Page name but I wasn't sure they would let me change the name after I converted.  Any suggestions?

  • emoderation's picture
    Jul 3 Posted 5 years ago emoderation

    Hi Hinni

    Well, I'm not in Facebook's confidence, but my only guess would be that perhaps Facebook ringfence usernames which have been used once and changed?  I can see that you couldn't re-use a URL ... ?



  • emoderation's picture
    Jul 3 Posted 5 years ago emoderation

    Hi Stephanie

    I agree, it's really odd.  I have a colleague with a FB account which only owns pages with a few likes - and the same thing happened there, exactly as you described, although a vanity url does seem to be in place at the moment.  My acccount, with Pages which have both over and under 25 likes, would allow me to change the URL on anything not already changed once.  There certainly *used* to be a threshold of 25 likes before you could get a vanity url, and I agree this is not logical, but my only suggestion would be to ask people (how about on thie thread?) to like your page and see if that works?

    Do let us know how you get on - I'll like your page for you :-)



  • Jul 3 Posted 5 years ago Stephanie McNamara

    I have a Facebook Fan Page which I am the Administrator for. I tried to change my URL using the above instructions but it came up with the following problems:

    When I clicked on 'Change username' this message came up:
    To access this page, you'll need to switch from using Facebook as your page to using Facebook as yourself.

    When I clicked 'Continue (as myself)' button it then came up with this message:

    This page needs more fans

    Before you can set your username for your page, your page needs more fans.

    I have 7 fans, but if I needed more fans how did it let me create a URL in the first place?

    What can I do to change my URL?


  • Jul 3 Posted 5 years ago Hinni

    The name I was trying to get was stated "not available" but still the page facebook.com/mynameproposal does not exist. Do you know why?

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