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How to Claim a Facebook Page (That Isn't Yours)

One question that I get asked frequently is how to merge duplicate pages on Facebook. If you are an admin of both pages, the process can be relatively simple. However, what happens if you are not the admin and there is a duplicate page about your business floating around out there? Don’t panic, there is a way to claim the duplicate page and then merge it with the official page even if you are not the admin. Of course, Facebook wants to make sure no shenanigans take place, so there is some verification involved. Want to claim a page that’s not yours?  All you have to do is follow these (somewhat) simple steps!

1) Go to the place page that you wish to claim and click on the settings drop down beside the message button. Select the appropriate option. In this case, we will select “Is this your business”.

How to claim a Facebook Page step 1

2) Once “Is this your business?” is clicked a pop-up will show asking if you are the official representative of the company/page. Check the box.

How to claim a Facebook Page step 2

3) A screen will be shown asking you to confirm your relationship to the business. Fill in all relevant information including the publicly listed phone number.

How to claim a Facebook Page step 3

4) Next, you will be asked to select the phone number in which Facebook will call to verify the information. Select the phone number and click submit.

How to claim a Facebook Page step 4

5) A new box will show displaying the number that Facebook will call. You may also select a preferred language. An automated system will call your phone and give you a 4 digit pin.

Once you have the code, input it where directed in the next box. The method I showed here outlines the phone number verification method. There are 2 other ways to verify including using an email address that includes your business’s name or official documentation that has the business’s name, address and phone number on it. The times I have tried to verify via phone, Facebook actually was busy so it might take a few attempts.

Do you have duplicate pages about your business out there?

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  • Apr 19 Posted 3 years ago Robert Beauchamp

    "Is this your business is not an option"

  • Sep 2 Posted 3 years ago Chris ThePizzaman


    I guess my problem is a little different. Maybe? I own a pizza shop and a customer made up a place of my business. 70+ likes. I made my own place now there are 2 pizza places. I have been trying to merge/claim it for a while. I read and watched your video and the only thing I found different is, I'm not the Administrator of the other place to try and merge them. I asked the person to deactivate his place but doesn't seem it's going to happen.
    Any other tips I can try?
    Thank you

  • Sep 2 Posted 3 years ago Susan Shangle

    Mary Beth and Erica

    I have the same issue (mine is Wikipedia a well) - we're a small town in New Zealand and are hoping to move the 1,400+ checkins to the page we admin.


    If anyone got this sorted, would love to hear the answer.


  • May 30 Posted 4 years ago Brad Williamson

    My concern is that, as someone who doesn't have the "Is this your business?" option, I'll use the alternate method (Report this Page), run through the available steps, and the duplicate Page will be deleted instead of having the Likes merged with those of my official Page. 

    Got any words of comfort that will keep me from thinking this will be the case?

  • Apr 23 Posted 4 years ago bwadethompson

    Has anyone tried using a Local Business when doing this. Don't use your personal profile but use facebook as the business. I don't have a local business to try this but it may work. 

  • Nate Mendenhall's picture
    Apr 17 Posted 4 years ago Nate Mendenhall

    Hello everyone,

    I had that experience as well. My best guess is that someone already admins that page actively OR the function isnt available to you yet. FB does everything in rollouts, so maybe its just not available. Have you tried reporting the pages to FB and following those steps?


  • Nate Mendenhall's picture
    Apr 17 Posted 4 years ago Nate Mendenhall

    Hi Jay,

    That is a tough one. I will do some poking around and report back if i find anything. Sorry I cant be of more help with this. Unfortunately FB has a long way to go to help admins with this type of thing.

  • Apr 17 Posted 4 years ago jpadriga

    I have successfully done for my organization in the past. My concern now is that a new Facebook Group recently came out with members claiming to be representatives of our organization. None of the steps suggested here applies. How do we claim Facebook Group accounts?

  • Apr 16 Posted 4 years ago Jen E

    I'm in the same boat as Erica. There is no “Is this your business” option. So how do we proceed?

  • Apr 16 Posted 4 years ago Mary Beth Olson

    Erica, the same thing happens to me. The buttons I see on my company's duplicate page are Like and Edit and I get the same options when I click as you when I click the drop-down next to Edit.  Our duplicate page is from Wikipedia.

  • Apr 16 Posted 4 years ago ecolston

    I need to do this for my company, but when I click the settings in step 1, my only options are: "Add to Interests Lists, Like As Your Page, Create A Page, Share, Send Feedback, Report Page, Privacy and Terms." I am not given the option to select, "Is This Your Business". 

    What do you suggest?

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