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How Content Marketing Is Reinventing the Dreaded Job Search

Between the economic slump, too many overqualified kids gunning for mid-level positions and social media missteps, finding a new career is a pain.

The paradox is that there are so many resources out there that should be helping job-hunters find new careers. There’s Monster, Craigslist and a dozen others that post open positions all the time. You can search them by location, salary, skills — it’s easy to find open jobs, but why is it so hard to get that interview?

The Dangers of Job-Hunting

I was in that group of soon-to-be college grads who realized, for the first time, that social media was open season for recruiters. We’ve all heard the horror stories: Johnny’s party pictures were the reason he didn’t get a job because a company Facebooked him, Jill published a highly controversial letter on her Tumblr, and Jim’s anarchist blog didn’t go over well.

Is it fair for recruiters to Google you and see who you are? Of course it is, especially when you consider the amount of time people spend on the Internet. It’s our identity, after all, and I believe businesses looking to hire have every right to stalk candidates.

Is it fair for job-seekers to complain about losing an interview because of their inappropriate, unprofessional social media accounts and online assets? No.

In today’s world, it’s easier than ever to hide what you do and filter it so only friends can see your posts and online activity. Aside from privacy settings, being smart about what you post and publish on the web is the best way to avoid any problems.

Alternatively, it’s as easy as ever for you to leverage content marketing to show off your positive personality, professional experience and skills.

Personalized Content Marketing

Certain job-hunters are expected to have online portfolios and other assets. This includes journalists, graphic artists, web designers, bloggers, and other positions that will primarily work on the Internet. For this group, having a showcase website is extremely helpful.

But should an accountant, sous chef, realtor, or professional assistant go through the trouble to develop a domain? Of course not.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other content marketing and social media tricks we can use to leverage the best of people…

  • LinkedIn: Perhaps one of the most misunderstood social networks, LinkedIn is expected in certain industries and essential for job-hunters. One of the best ways to use this platform is to update your page to match your resume and include a LinkedIn link on your actual resume or when you email a recruiter. Also, LinkedIn lists job postings.
  • Facebook: Facebook is easy. All you have to do is use your privacy settings. The same goes for Twitter (use a must-follow), Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, your NSFW WordPress blog, and other social assets that a recruiter shouldn’t see.
  • Monster: Upload your complete resume and fill in any career search terms on Monster and other job-search websites. These don’t always work, though it makes it much easier to instantly send up a flare to recruiters.

Is that it? Is that everything we need to know about using content marketing to improve our job search? Of course not…

Killer Resumes & Cover Letters

“Content” is half the battle when it comes to content marketing. No matter how shielded you are on the Internet or how many interesting portfolio websites you have, nothing beats the power of having an awesome resume.

It’s the biggest piece of the puzzle, after all, and one that shouldn’t be underestimated.

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