How to Create a LinkedIn Company page

Rohit Onkar
Rohit Onkar Manager, SMG Convonix

Posted on October 19th 2012

How to Create a LinkedIn Company page

With LinkedIn coming out with a new design for company pages it's time to create/claim your company page if you haven't already. 

Here are the steps that you need to take.

  1. Go to and click on Add a Company.

2. Enter the company name and your official email id. Bear in mind that your email address should have your company name (or at least a part of it) as its domain.

3. This will create a company page on LinkedIn. The individual profile owner who has created the company page should be able to see the Edit Page section on the top right of the company page. To be able to make status updates via your company page, you will have to click on Edit Page and assign designated admins for the company page.

4. Also, when you click Edit Page, you will have an option of filling in details like – company size, company website, company description, company location and other details. A word of caution out here is if you do not designate admins for your company page, anyone who is an employee of the company ( LinkedIn recognises this by their official email address ) can edit the information on your page. Hence it is recommended to have designated admins for your company page.

5. Next, head to the Products & Services tab on the top, just below the company page name, right next to the Home tab. There’s an edit option there as well. The admin can add the company's services/products on this tab.

6.Finally, the Careers tab located to the left of the products and services tab allows you to post a job as a page admin and showcase your company culture. 

If you follow the above six steps, you will have an optimized LinkedIn company page for your organization which will start getting indexed by Google and the other search engines :)






Rohit Onkar

Rohit Onkar

Manager, SMG Convonix

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Hi Rohit, thanks for the tips in creating company page. But so far, I prefer to talk to people one by one, build deep and geniune relationship. :)

Hey Kent, At an individual level, a profile is great. However for a brand to build its image in the long run it's imperative to have a company page on LinkedIn. Having a company page also tends to have an SEO advantage since Google treats LinkedIn as a high authority site. Regards, Rohit. P.S. Having a company page for your business helps in building credibility and increases transparency and is an integral part of reputation management :)

Thanks for this primer.  We are just getting started on LinkedIn and this was great information.  Keep sharing good information like this.

Thanks for the compliment! 

I wrote a post almost a year ago about how LI Company Pages are an "undervalued gem." My tips build on the foundation suggested by Rohit. They might be a little out of date given the recent changes, but the underlying principles are still valid. Here's a link:


Courtney Shelton Hunt - Social Media in Organizations Community (SMinOrgs)

Be very, very sure to back up your original content in appropriate format to retireve should something go wrong. Seems L/I is predicated on Murphy's Law.

I spent a few hours writing and massaging my company page only to get a red-letter message reading, in effect: Can not upload the comapny page now. Please try again later.

When I went to try again later, it wasl gone. And no record as it was never posted.

My company image is a .jpg I own. No worries. My content was original [I'm a copywriter]. It was gone. Silly me. This happened previously, about three year ago, when I wrote a recommendation for a friend/colleague. Gone, into the ether!

The folks at LinkedIn appear to be clueless about the site they're running. No help whatsoever.

Hey Jeffreej,


This is a common problem with LinkedIn and exists even now be it LinkedIn ads, writing recommendations or editing company pages. The best way is to create content in a word document and paste it to LinkedIn :)