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How Do I Start Using Pinterest for My Business?

pinterest, pinterest marketing, pinterest businessPeople often ask, “How do I use Pinterest for my business?” Pinterest has made a swift entry into the world of social media and is now a very popular social media site. Pinterest’s target audience is predominately middle-aged women who use Pinterest on a daily basis. If part or all of your target audience is middle-aged women, it would behoove you to incorporate Pinterest into your marketing strategy.


How Do I Start Using Pinterest?

First, obtain a Pinterest business account. Roughly a year ago, Pinterest added a way for businesses to have a separate account from a personal account. While this doesn’t exclude you from following boards or members, it does have its perks, such as the ability to have promoted pins, rich pins and the ability to add a “Pin it” button to your website and blog.

Once you have set up your Pinterest business account, add a “Pin it” button to all of your product or services pages. When you add a “Pin it” button to your site, you are able to control the content of the pin such as the image and the copy that is included in the pin. This will provide anyone interested in that product or service with a direct link back to your product page.

You can also curate boards based on your target market. Make sure to add interesting pins and boards daily based on what you think would most interest your audience and also promote repining. Keep in mind that Pinterest is only a valuable tool if you are using it regularly and if your business lends itself to the use of images for marketing purposes!

Finally, connect your Pinterest page to your business Facebook page. By incorporating your activity on Pinterest into other areas of social media, you can increase the opportunity for customers to see your presence on Pinterest and will likely increase your followers.

In sum, using Pinterest can be a valuable marketing tool especially if your target market includes middle-aged women.

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