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HOW TO: Document Social Media Policy Violations [PODCAST]


Ann Handley didn't violate anyone's social media policy, and those aren't schadenfreude likes from Beth, Shel and Richard. They're only there to demonstrate what kind of screen capture you need to take of a Facebook post if you're documenting a social media policy violation.
Don’t get us wrong.  We love social media and value free speech. We’re not condoning violating anyone’s personal privacy rights or their rights to discuss wages, hours and working conditions concertedly.
Used effectively and responsibly, numerous research reports show that social media increases profitability, productivity and job satisfaction.
But when social media is used by workers who haven't been taught to play the social media compliance game, violations are more likely to occur. And enforcing a social media policy requires proof of a violation.
With social networking as popular as it is, social media misuse has become one of the costs of doing business. This show is about documenting misuse when it occurs, before it's removed.
We talk to former broadcast journalist and Red Cross public affairs officer Ike Pigott (@ikepigott) -- who currently serves as communications strategist to Alabama Power (@AlabamaPower) -- who walks us through what he’s learned in the trenches about documenting social media policy violations.
Best Practices for Documenting Social Media Policy Violations Discussed:
  • Overcoming social media policy enforcement challenges
  • Job titles that typically enforce social media policy
  • Required skills for enforcing social media policy
  • How to document social media policy violations
  • Use of screen capture tools to record violations
  • Documenting social media policy violations on Facebook
  • Documenting social media policy violations on Twitter
  • Documenting social media policy violations on LinkedIn
  • Risks of storing social media policy violations in the cloud
And much, much more!
About the Host:
Eric Schwartzman is CEO of social media compliance training provider Comply Socially, which helps employers manage the risk and capitalize on the opportunities of social media in the workplace.  Follow him on Twitter @ericschwartzman.






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