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How Facebook's News Feed Changes Affect Businesses and Marketers

New Facebook News Feed


Yesterday, Facebook announce a number of changes to News Feed that have huge implications for businesses, marketers and their Facebook Pages. The main changes that affect businesses are how visual content and stories are displayed in users’ News Feeds, and the introduction of Following Feed. One of the main reasons for this is the uptick in the percentage of News Feed Stories that are photos from 25% in November 2011 to almost 50% in January 2013:

Percentage of Facebook News Feed Stories that are photos


The News Feed has been made much wider. To make room for the larger News Feed, Facebook has removed the left-side bar. This allows for much larger visual content and stories within the News Feed. This is a very positive change for marketers, as it will make their visual content much more engaging and visible directly in the feed.

Focus on Visual Content

The new News Feed show visual content shared on Facebook like photos, photo albums, videos and even content from 3rd party sites much bigger. This allows businesses and marketers to show more detailed photos and reach much higher levels of engagement with every piece of content. Check out a couple example story formats below:

Facebook Photo Albums

Facebook Photo Album story format in News Feed

Pinterest Pins

Pinterest Pins story format in News Feed

New “Liked Page” story format

One of the most exciting changes for Facebook Pages is the change to the story format for when a friend Likes a Facebook Page. When a user Likes a Facebook Page, their friend will see a much larger image of the Facebook Page in the story, including the Page’s profile picture and cover photo. This will drive much higher engagement with fans friends on that story:

New Liked Facebook Page story format in News Feed

Shared Links Stories

Shared Links focus much more on the visual content, as opposed to the users who shared it. Below shows a video shared by several friends. The video is the main focus, with the images of friends who shared appearing to the left. You can hover over the pictures of each friend to see what they said about the video in the comments section below:

Facebook Shared Link Stories in News Feed

Curated Stories

The News Feed will also show curates stories of the day’s most popular articles on things users have Liked. Here is an example of a curated story on Taylor Swift. It has automatically pulled the day’s most popular articles from around the web to create a curated story:

Facebook News Feed curated story about Taylor Swift Example

Following Feed

What is Following Feed?

Following feed is a new News Feed choice that allows users to see every post in chronological order from Facebook Pages they “Like”. This can be accessed in the right-side bar on under users’ choices of different feeds. For Facebook Page owners and marketers this is a tantalizing repreive for Facebook’s Edgerank changes, which decreased the visibility of Page posts to only 16% of fans. It remains to be seen though how many users will click on this new Feed.

Mobile Consistency

One of the biggest user experience changes was Facebook’s switch to a bigger consistency between the mobile, tablet and web experience. This makes the News Feed experience almost exactly the same on any device, as seen below:

Mobile Consistency of Facebook News Feed

When will Facebook’s News Feed Changes be Released?

Facebook said that the new News Feed changes would be available in limited release yesterday. You can access the new News Feed at

Unfortunately for me up in Vancouver, BC, I seem to not be within the limited release. When I go to, I am only shown the following:

Facebook News Feed Broken Page

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  • aspilialleli's picture
    Mar 12 Posted 4 years ago aspilialleli

    It’s a good thing that I’m not the only one who is excited about this. I have joined the waitlist already – I did it as well for the previously renowned Facebook graph search and I’m now enjoying it. I hope I can enjoy this new news feed as well. Social media monitoring companies must definitely be kept updated with this!

  • Cara Tarbaj's picture
    Mar 8 Posted 4 years ago Cara Tarbaj

    I think it will be beneficial for businesses, as everything will become more visual (links, check-in, photo albums, etc.) and I'm hoping on the "Liked Pages" helps increase brand engagement. I'm hopeful!

  • Mar 8 Posted 4 years ago chatmeter

    I wonder what kind of effect this is going to have on businesses? I manage the business page of the company I work for and I really hope our followers will still see our posts. We get a lot of interaction/leads this way.

  • Anthony Baisi's picture
    Mar 8 Posted 4 years ago Anthony Baisi

    I do like the way the cleaned up the sidebar. It seems like everything is getting a face lift: Google+, Microsoft Outlook, and Facebook. All within a couple days of each other too.
    Nice post though, thanks for the tips!

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