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How to Get Business from LinkedIn -- and Spend Less Time on LinkedIn


I run a group that trains business owners about how to get invoiceable business from LinkedIn, and I often hear:

 “I spend lots of time on LinkedIn, but don’t seem to get much back for it.”

My response is:

  1. Know what you’re there for
  2. Have a plan to do that, and no more
  3. Set a timer when you go onto the site
  4. Have a set amount of time on the site each day/ week and do it!

What do I want to do with LinkedIn?

Until you can answer this one, don’t go onto LinkedIn! Think about your business, what its marketing strategies are, and how you get your leads. You might choose to use LinkedIn to:

  • Get more leads
  • Warm up prospects
  • Develop relationships with people you meet networking
  • Keep in touch with old contacts
  • Demonstrate your expertise in a subject area

Have a LinkedIn strategy

Now that you know why you’re going there, you can create a plan. In your plan consider:

  • The profile of people you want to attract
  • What you/ your business is expert in
  • The type of material you’re prepared to share in order to demonstrate your knowledge
  • How important this tool is in relation to your overall marketing

How much time should I spend on LinkedIn?

With a specific target that you are looking for and a plan of how you’ll achieve this you should decide on a time that you will use regularly.

  • 25 minutes a day may sound like a lot of time? Now consider that many business owners will go to one or two business networking meetings a week (3-4 hours each, with travelling time). The ability to be very targeted with who you get in touch with doesn’t sound so much now. You choose an amount of time, based on how important LinkedIn is to you, but 25 minutes a day can get great results.
  • Use this time, no more and no less. Schedule when you will do it (e.g. I have a social media 15 minutes first thing each morning, then a LinkedIn targeted session at the end of the day)
  • Set a timer and remain focused. It is very easy to look at another profile and then click on something else……. Suddenly you’ve been doing it for 4 hours and got no work done. When the timer goes off, get off the site.

If you have the right plan and execute it for the right amount of time, you will get business from LinkedIn (if that is what you were trying to do). Don’t start until you know what your goal is!

What do you do with LinkedIn and how long does it take you?

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  • good_people's picture
    Jan 23 Posted 5 years ago good_people

    Great to see something Proactive & Real about LinkedIn.

    So much information out there is the same regurgitation of 'setting up your Profile', 'tweaking your profile' and all the other passive 'do something, then wait' advice. It's nauseating.

    Refreshing advice for the avg. person, thank you.

  • Jan 23 Posted 5 years ago The Social Medi...

    "How much time should I spend on LinkedIn?

    With a specific target that you are looking for and a plan of how you’ll achieve this you should decide on a time that you will use regularly."



    Time amangement is pretty important in any line of business. The goals of social medfia is to give you more time to do the important stuff. I covered this in my blog post here

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