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How To Get Higher Ranking On Yelp

ImageWebsite owners generally think Google is the only source for online recognition. However, this isn’t true. There are ample alternatives, including Yelp. It is a reputed online search and review services used by consumers, generally reviewing the products and services of small businesses.

Yelp has been accused of posting favorable/positive reviews in exchange for buying advertisement on the site. They were accused of posting fake reviews from phony IDs.

Yet, as a small business owner, one must nonetheless focus on getting good reviews and higher ranking from Yelp. Businesses, especially smaller ones, cannot afford to ignore the reach and strength of Yelp.

To get maximum attention on Yelp and good ranking on its internal search results, consider the following points:

  • Provide complete profile details – No matter which search engine you are accessing, alwyas include a complete profile. Yelp gives preferences to businesses that keep their profile updated on the site. It is a simple way to earn ranking and reviews on Yelp. Fill in as much business information as you can in your Yelp profile. Include details like company’s name, logo, phone numbers, working hours, important URLs upcoming events, and of course its USPs.
  • Ask for recommendation or review – Yelp’s terms and service do not allow a business to ask for reviews by bribing consumers or by any forceful means. It is not wrong to ask gently for reviews from customers. In fact it is a good way to know what customers think about your business. Don’t get involved in trading or paid review scams.
  • Prevent positive reviews from being filtered - Businesses have a common complaint against Yelp for the positive reviews being filtered or often hidden. This happens because Yelp’s algorithm does not consider comments from profile that is incomplete or incorrect, resulting positive and unique comments being filtered. Therefore, it is essential to complete your profile in order to get your reviews recognized publicly.
  • Respond to comments and reviews – Yelp gives preference and priority to businesses who actively participates in activities on their profile. Responding to reviews and comments on your profile is a good idea to get a high ranking on the site’s internal search results.

Follow these points to enjoy a higher ranking on Yelp and seize additional traffic and earn huge returns on investment.

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