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How To Get More Interaction On Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]

We can all agree, CircleCount, one of the big three Google Plus Tools suppliers, has an appetite for lots of data. On this occasion, after crunching through about nine million posts from nearly 10,000 profiles, they serve us with a buffet of profitable solutions to one recurring question:
"Why don't I get +1's, comments, and reshares like everyone else?"
The short answer is; don't just know what to say, know how to say it.
Strategically creating posts in the correct format will facilitate engagement, increase the chances of giving users formats they are accustomed to interacting with (i.e. social norms), and boost the proportion of delivered messages.

Whether you are a brand (i.e. increasing returns) or their potential client (i.e. online to make friends) - the stats you see today will ultimately re-align your approach or confirm your "Google+ Guru" status.

See why sharing posts with less than 100 characters can be detrimental to interaction levels, find the best way to post photos/GIFs, and learn what kind of content has dominated Google+ with +1s, comments, and reshares over the last few months.
How To Get More Engagement (Pluses, comments, reshares on your Events, Hangouts, Photos, Text post, links, videos) On Google+ for Businesses, Pages and individuals - infographic

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3 Key Takeaways:

1. Link dropping (i.e. sharing links with less than 100 characters) is a definite pitfall with low engagement across all metrics for success.

2. Photo posts (including GIFs) and adding more than 100 characters is the winning formula for interaction. As photos with more than 100 characters get 182% more comments, 153% more +1s, and 92% more reshares than posts with less than 100 characters.

3. Text only posts (above or below 100 characters) are worthwhile for both +1s and comments, but not reshares.

Special mentions are given Chris Macidis from CircleCount, who allocated a huge amount of time and skill into the creation of this infographic and Imran Sq, the total solutions machine. Thank you both, as always, I appreciate your support.

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