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How To Integrate Social Media Into Your Live Event

It is important for industries to understand that social media isn’t advocating the termination of traditional marketing events like conferences, conventions, and meetings. In fact, social media is a great tool for companies to extend the life of their live event. It also allows for those unable to attend get connected with the events.

Ways to integrate social media into your live event:

- Promote the event beforehand by engaging those registered on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with polls, contests, group chats, reminders, and event advice.

- Create a live broadcasting stream and a hashtag (#). What are people saying about your event? Encourage attendees to use a hashtag so you can track the online conversation. Follow the hashtag stream and respond to inquiries, engage guests, and update them on event changes. Also, during presentations let viewers ask questions via Twitter with the hashtag. Display the hashtag stream on monitors around the event via sites like TwitterFall.

- Post signs at the event to remind people of your social media presence. Display your social media URLs and hashtags so attendees can easily find you online while they are networking in real life. You might want to include QR codes so smartphone users can simply scan and follow.

- Post photos and videos. During the event upload photos and video to social media sites and tag participants. Save some to promote the event after the fact. Get attendees to submit their own photos and videos. Set up a Flickr feed.

- Video stream presentations. Your audience isn’t limited to those in the room, it extends to the world. Let people watch clips of the events online. Ustream is a great tool for this. Also upload presentations to the web via sites like SlideShare.

It should be noted that people respond to incentives. Reward people for their online participation. Give prizes live at the event, retweet, tag, follow, and like people/companies that interact with you. Be personable, and don’t forget to use The Social Media Business Equation™.

What are some other ideas you’ve used to promote your live event through social media?

How we used social media to celebrate @LinkedInQueen’s book release:

Meredith Darling / @merdar

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  • Oct 29 Posted 4 years ago HeatherPinz

    Excellent tips. You could take it a step further by aggregating multiple social media channels into one display. You can combine Flikr, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more... as the article says, using photos from channels such as Flikr (and/or obviously Instagram) really increases engagement and makes the display more beautiful. You can also moderate content if you need to avoid the trolls :) Here's an article explaining how you can easily set up your live event social media display: Ciao!

  • Oct 7 Posted 5 years ago Optify (not verified)

    These are great ideas! Check out this blog post to find out how we drove traffic to our booth at this year's Dreamforce event using Foursquare specials:

  • Oct 6 Posted 5 years ago Mitesh Ashar (not verified)

    At tagglabs, we have a new innovative way to integrate social media with your events. We provide unique integration solutions for brands, wherein we attach various social media actions with physical objects and real time activities. These actions can be taken with acts as simple as simple as a fingerprint swipe or tapping a wrist band on an activity point. To understand how this solution works out for abrand, including their events or any other physical properties it may own, you can read one of our case studies on Reach us on to know more.

  • Oct 1 Posted 5 years ago Neha (not verified)

    Great article, definitely bookmarking for future reference. 

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