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How to Land the Perfect Image on Your Social Profiles

I believe the time has come to replace ‘Content is king’ with ‘Visual content is king’. Nevertheless, landing the perfect image on your social profiles is hard. Social media image marketing is definitely not just about taking advertisements or pictures of happy customers and posting them as images on your social profiles. There’s a lot more to it.

Modern-day technology users continuously use their mobile phones to take pictures on the go and social media feeds are filled with them. Then why shouldn’t brands follow this trend? Of course, brands can’t just share any image they want. They have to put some effort into finding the perfect image for social media.

How exactly can brands offer a complete visual experience to increase engagement?

If you apply proper image marketing, make sure you can tick off at least one of these requirements:

1. Engage with your community
2. Improve branding
3. Drive traffic to your landing page
4. Promote upcoming events
5. Demonstrate a lifestyle advantage associated with your product
6. Make a statement

Bear in mind that whenever you upload an image to your social profiles, you do so to meet (at least) one of these goals. Have a look at the tweet from Starbucks below, which improves branding and links their brand to a certain lifestyle. 2 goals met in one single picture!

finding the right image for your brand

Here’s what you should consider to score the perfect image with your own brand:

1. Always put image quality first

The first thing you have watch out for, is the quality of the picture you want to send out. There’s no need to hire expensive professional photographers, just make basic quality check ups. If you find a compelling photo, but the actual picture is rather blurry, think about how unprofessional this will make you look.

2. Make a statement to get clicks

Getting clicks to your landing page, is of course the ultimate goal of social media image marketing. If your image isn’t bold enough and doesn’t make you stand out, why would you go through the effort of publishing it?

3. Simple and powerful images are key

There’s no need to use complex pictures. If you scroll down in your social feeds, you’ll be more likely to stop for an image that covers these two crucial items: simple and powerful.

how to improve visual content

4. Share your big moment

Don’t be afraid to spread the word on an accomplishment your company is proud of. Share pictures of an important conference, a corporate event or an award you just won. Use them on all your social profiles to boost your company’s image because visual brand storytelling really works!

5. Try new types of visual social media content

A type of content everyone is fond about are infographics. There are several advantages to infographics: not only can you incorporate images, you’ll also be able to integrate statistics, logos, icons, etc. The possibilities are endless. Good infographics have a very high shareability!


In short, you don’t have to be a creative genius to score the perfect image. Just play by the rules, implement a good strategy and always make sure you go for a solid execution.

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  • Sofie De Beule's picture
    Jan 21 Posted 3 years ago Sofie De Beule

    Hi Ryan,

    I'm really glad you liked my post! I'm happy to hear it could be of use for your Instagram plan. I see it as a great compliment. 

    I wish you the best of luck with your internship and future career!



  • Ryan Riley's picture
    Jan 21 Posted 3 years ago Ryan Riley

    Great post! I just put together a go-to-market Instagram plan for the company I am interning with and your article alligned perfectly with my findings from my research (which really comforted me!). I am going to send this to my boss and team as another resource for us to use as we place our focus on a photo sharing platform like Instagram! Thanks for writing this!

  • Belinda Summers's picture
    Dec 2 Posted 3 years ago Belinda Summers

    Apparently visually attractive content lure more audience than plain text and it's quite an advantage nowadays, now that social media are with this cause. All the ways are layed right in front of us and the only thing we should do is take some precautionary steps not to meddle with our online reputation. Images represent our brand and our business, a perfect reminder Sofie. Thanks. :)

  • Marshall Crawford's picture
    Dec 2 Posted 3 years ago Marshall Crawford

    Your social profiles and the information you are sharing with others on social networking sites should reflect the image you want to project. Be careful and make sure that they are presenting the right image. Uploading a recent photo of yourself helps to make you more real to your prospects and others.

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