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How to Launch Facebook Offers in Minutes

One of the most powerful features you can use to promote your business is Facebook Offers. That's the good news. The even better news is that it takes just minutes to create an offer.  Here we will go step by step from idea to redemption. I will make some simple assumptions as skip a few steps such as "Log into your Facebook account."

Step by Step

1.  On your page, at the top of your timeline on the left hand side you will see an image listing:  Status, Photo/Video, Offer, Event +


2.  Click Offer, Event +

3.  A dialog box will open.  Click Offer.  (This area also has other tools such as Event, Milestone, Question aka Polls).

4.  A new dialog box will open and here's where we start to get down to business.

Make the Offer

Upload an Image - the image should be clean and uncluttered.  A simple close up of the item is all that's needed.

Write a Headline - keep it simple and strong.  This is the call to action and what will get people in your door.

Limit the Number of Offers People Can Claim - two thoughts here; create a large number.  This leads people to believe you need a large amount to meet demand or use a small number to create scarcity and urgency.  You decide.

Set an Expiration Date for your offer - simple enough

Add your Terms and Conditions - 1 per person, 1 per day, 1 per table, cannot be combined with other offers.  Whatever is appropriate for your situation.

Example Offer

4a.  Here is one I made for a clients.  It contains a simple image, a strong headline.  I like to start my headline with FREE when I can.  I also like my headlines to be as simple as possible for clarity.  I listed the number of free items, when the offer expires and the term.

At this stage if everything looks OK click the preview button.

Post the Offer

Your offer is now ready to post.  Click the Post button.

The offer gets posted to your timeline for your fans to see.

Fans Redeem the Offer

When your fans click on "Get Offer" and redeem your fantastic offer they will receive a message and an email.  They then have the option to print the email or take their smart phone into your venue and show the staff the redemption message.

Where to Promote
Where should you promote your offer?
Email Newsletter
At the venue; that being the store, restaurant wherever the business operates.
Promotion Ideas and Creating Likes


Check In Flyer Example

In an earlier post, Facebook Brand Building, we learned that combination text and image posts get more attention and traction.  So coincidence that the Facebook template to create an offer is a combination text and image?  Nope. 

Taking that one step further, create some POP, flyer's, ads, whatever you want to call it for your store front windows, restaurant tables, bathroom walls, wherever you can put up a compelling reason for customers to visit your Facebook page. 

Value of a Like

It may sound strange to offer a special once the customer is in the store but just because they are in the store doesn't necessarily mean they Like you on Facebook.  On the flyer add a message to "Like Us on Facebook" and you may get a new fan.  We detail that the value of a fan is $137 in the post "Value of a Fan".  If you haven't seen that post you might take a look.  Check back shortly.  I am working on a new article that details exactly how to turn fan building opportunities into growth for your business.

Join The Conversation

  • Apr 5 Posted 4 years ago Prashant Das

    I have found out the solution to this long pending problem where I was unable to create an offer even with more than 100 likes.

    Go to your Edit page section >> Update info >> remove anything that is there at the 'official page' text box by clicking the 'x' mark on the right.

    Save changes.

    That is it.

    Go to your page and there, you should now see the 'offer' option.

    If this info helped you, please oblige by liking my page Brandmark Media. Cheers!

  • James Meyer's picture
    Oct 2 Posted 4 years ago James Meyer


    Facebook has made a few changes to Offers.  Have you been able to get this feature to work?

    Best Regards,



  • James Meyer's picture
    Oct 2 Posted 4 years ago James Meyer


    Thanks for your question.  The obvious answer is, one that brings value to your audience and will be well received by your clients.

  • Sep 9 Posted 4 years ago jackwilliam02

    Hi James Meyer,

    Which is the best offer to promote on Facebook, which converts well and get high Returns on investment (ROI) .

  • James Meyer's picture
    Aug 23 Posted 4 years ago James Meyer



    Hi.  Sorry to hear of your frustrations.  Here is the link to the Facebook Offers help for Admins  I hope that helps and gives you the answers you are looking for.  My hunch? Offers are not available in your area yet.

    Hope this helps!

  • Aug 23 Posted 4 years ago hollyntim

    I am trying to post a facebook offer on my facebook page.  I don't know what I am doing wrong but I can't seem to do it.  I have tried everything from googling how to do it, emailing facebook, making multiple pages different ways and trying to call facebook.  I am at a loss on how to do it.  Do you have to have a certain number of "likes"? Can every page post offers if you are a local business? Do I need to set up my page a different way? I am getting very frustrated because no one is contacting me back and helping me.  I have spent hours and many sleepless nights trying to figure out how to do this.  Can you help me please? You can email me or call me @801-710-0772.  My page name is lovely lola boutique.  It is under my name Holly Thomson Smith.  Any suggestions, help and or feedback on what I need to do to be able place an offer would be much appreciated. Thanks

  • kalnerwilliams's picture
    May 10 Posted 5 years ago kalnerwilliams

    I've heard that those Fan Pages without listing a street address will not be eligible to host Offers. Has anyone heard confirmation of that? 

  • May 10 Posted 5 years ago tmunn2405

    I dont know of anyone in Australia that has this yet? Bummer :(

  • David Blide's picture
    May 10 Posted 5 years ago David Blide

    You can go here to request that offers be added to your page

  • May 7 Posted 5 years ago Kim Siever

    Doesn’t work for me either. I think the majority of your readers don’t have this feature available. Perhaps instead of suggesting your readers bookmark your article for future reference, you should have bookmarked your article in Drafts until it was meaningful for more than a handful of people.

  • James Meyer's picture
    May 7 Posted 5 years ago James Meyer


    Hi.  Nice comment.  I purposely worded the "Offer" as I did because it gives each merchant the flexibility and opportunity to connect.


    The merchant they may decide to accept the email or screen print of the "Offer".

    The merchant may want their customer to "Check In".   They would create a "Check In" deal to mimick the "Offer".

    Smart Phone Users

    If a customer comes in with a smart phone and shows the message on their phone, ask them to Check In or show them how.  After all, the message states FREE...when you Check In. 

    Non Smart Phone Users

    If the customer comes in with the "Offer" on a piece of paper, assume they do not have a smart phone and accept the paper "Offer" just like you would a coupon.

    It's about getting the customer in the door and connecting with each on a personal level.

    Thanks for your comments.



  • Lauren Parajon's picture
    May 7 Posted 5 years ago Lauren Parajon

    So, for the example offer, you put, "Free margarita for checking in." If they claim that offer, it gets sent to their email. BUT... that doesn't check them in by any means. I'm afraid this example is going to cause confusion. It leads people to believe you can use "Offers" as Check-in Deals, which to my knowledge isn't accurate. In this case, the person would have to show the waitress the email and THEN show her that she checked-in to the place on Facebook to redeem, right?

  • kimrandall's picture
    May 7 Posted 5 years ago kimrandall

    Unfortunately this feature is not available to me or any fanpage I manage yet :/ 

  • May 7 Posted 5 years ago Aagan86

    At Simplify360 we manage several client FB pages. Checked on everyone of them, only Event, Milestone, Question available. How to get Offers?

  • James Meyer's picture
    May 6 Posted 5 years ago James Meyer


    It sounds like Offers are not available in your area as well.  This is the exact message from Facebook Help.

    Why can't I create an offer for my Facebook Page?

    Frequently Asked Questions | Facebook Help Center
    Offers are available in beta to a limited number of local business Pages. We plan to launch offers more broadly soon.
    Instead of creating and Offer, can you create a Deal?  Deals are created by selecting Manage > Edit Page > Deals.  You can then create a Check In Deal.
    The same principal ideas would apply to a Deal as I detailed in creating an Offer, you just do not get the image option.  You would want to create a seperate image using Photoshop or Gimp to get the same results and effects of a text + image post.


  • James Meyer's picture
    May 6 Posted 5 years ago James Meyer


    Thanks for your question.

    According to Facebook, you have to be a page Admin and Offers are available in beta to a limited number of local business Pages. We plan to launch offers more broadly soon.

    Maybe bookmark the article for when Offers are released in your area.

    To your success!



  • May 6 Posted 5 years ago Hyun Daniel Kim

    Same here. How do you do it? Please explain more.

  • JasonBoucher's picture
    May 6 Posted 5 years ago JasonBoucher

    I don't have that ability on my pages, only Event, Milestone, Question - How did you activate Offers?

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