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How to Make Your Web Store Stand Out During the Holiday Rush


The Christmas Holiday season is approaching rapidly. In December there is always an unparalleled boom and rush in sales. Stores are getting overcrowded with people on three crucial missions: to find the best gifts for their family, friends, colleagues and any other special recipients; choose unique holiday decorations to make their premises both bright and exclusive; and, of course, buy food for festive dinners.
As you certainly know, Black Friday marks the start of Christmas holiday shopping season. This is the day, when almost all retailer stores and shopping centers open earlier than usually and make numerous special offerings and discounts to kick off and boost sales. The ecommerce market has its own alternative to Black Friday – Cyber Monday. This term first appeared in 2005 in the title of one of the Shop.org releases and since then has been considered as one of the most important days for millions of online shoppers all over the Globe.
It's no secret that more and more people are turning to the Internet market every single day for various shopping needs, including holiday ones. Online business owners predict that this year holiday sales are going to be on the extreme rise by making up over than 25% of all online sales made throughout the year. This surely presents a remarkable opportunity for every online retailer to increase profits dramatically. Do you own a Web store? So, it's high time to get it prepared for the Christmas holiday rush and make sure that your online marketplace really stands out from the crowd, so that eager holiday shoppers looking for something special, get it from you. Follow some useful tips and ideas below to make this Holiday season a real profit boom for you.
Gift Guides
Purchasing gifts is perhaps the most exciting part of any holiday season. However, many people find it a rather challenging task to choose the right gifts that are both unique and fitting. They typically start their shopping from looking for some unique gift ideas and helpful pieces of advice. That's why, having a comprehensive gift guide on your ecommerce website may make all the difference. It can take an extensive variety of forms - from lookbooks to engaging articles. Don't forget to define specific categories, like gifts for men, women, children, businesspersons, romantic gifts, etc. So, you should take your time to choose the smartest way for your particular web store and products to suggest your customers exclusive items and help them while they are making their crucial decisions.

Mobile Shopping

With online stores getting a substantial volume of their overall traffic from various modern mobile devices, it's rather obvious that the ecommerce market is swiftly entering the mobile era. Indeed, nowadays almost every adult citizen of US and EU has at least one type of mobile devices. And the truth is that traditional shopping habits of going online from desktop computers are continuously changing to mobile ones. It's easy to predict that during the holiday fuss, when every minute counts, many smartphone/tablet PC owners would prefer to do shopping on-the-go. That's why, it has never been more important to make your online store fully mobile-ready to ensure your customers can easily connect with your marketplace from any mobile device and enjoy an ultimate shopping experience.

Holiday Discounts

It's not a secret that shoppers can be easily drawn by that magic word 'discount'. Rather often, discounts play the key role in making final purchasing decisions. And this is especially important during holidays, when people are on tight budgets because of multiple purchases to make and therefore appreciate every opportunity to enjoy cost savings. By offering discounts not only on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but over the entire holiday season, you will surely attract many new clients to your web store and boost your sales. Here it's also crucial to reward your repeat customers by offering them coupon codes. However, it doesn't mean that you have to discount every single product in your store. Just make sure that you run a sufficient number of engaging promotions with attractive pricing.
Starting this campaign earlier is a even a better idea. You can contact all customers in your mailing list some days before Christmas rush to let them know about your unique selling propositions and points along with your favorable discounts, to get them motivated visiting your online store.

Shipping Calendar with Clear Deadlines

Modern shoppers extremely like the idea of doing purchases simply from the comfort of their homes or offices. No less they appreciate the opportunity of getting their purchases made online as soon as possible. This is especially important during the holiday season, when people are on a crazy rush to choose gifts for everyone in their lists and get their purchases on time. With a holiday shipping calendar included in your storefront, where distinct shipping deadlines are defined, you will let your clients manage their online shopping better and make them confident that their purchases will arrive on time in their preferred deadlines.

And yes, take care about the festive look and feel of your packaging. Your customers will be surely delighted to get their purchases in beautiful boxes or packing decorated with lovely Christmas images and warm wishes.

Engaging Storefront

Make sure, during the holiday season you are going to deal with pretty much more competitors offering unique gift ideas, sound holiday discounts, etc. It's never enough to be creative when it comes to attracting visitors to your web store. Your storefront is definitely a powerful tool to fulfill this crucial mission. Take your time to make it eye-catching and engaging by using awesome graphics, large bright photos, exciting videos, various interactive options, relevant reviews, funny quotes, ratings, customer testimonials, etc. - actually, only the sky is the limit!
Putting this all together will surely provide you with total peace of mind knowing that your online store is fully holiday ready and always ahead of the game. Perhaps, you have some other useful and creative ideas to share. Feel free to leave comments below.

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Post by Nicolas Fincher - a community and marketing manager at http://www.cs-cart.com, a widely-known ecommerce tools developer with its principal product CS-Cart shopping cart software.


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