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How Marketing With Video Improves Conversion Rates

Business owners and corporate marketers aim to gain significant tangible benefits (increased conversion rates) across their entire lead generation and sales cycle by using online video content marketing in their daily sales and marketing process.  Benefits ranging from ranking higher on search engines, higher amount of qualified leads, more engagement during the sales process, more time spent on websites and increased brand awareness to name a few.

Many marketers and business owners include higher search engine rankings (SEO) as one of their top marketing goals.  Google, and other search engines, put more search engine ranking value on online video.  So the more marketing videos you have the higher up on search engine rankings you can get so prospective customers can find you.  Consumer behavior quickly reveals the power of online video on increasing lead conversion.  Immediately after viewing a company’s video, buyers are 40% more likely to visit a company’s website or contact a company via phone (eMarketer, Jan 2011).

Your website video production will also help you to nurture those leads and make them more sales ready.  Website videos let decision makers research your company on their own time and still get a direct communication from you.  The end result is that they more clearly understand the value proposition of your business, who you are as people (build relationships) and how your product or service will fit their needs.

But what types of videos do you create and what fits best into your daily sales and marketing routines?  Check out this video that talks about what type of content makes for the best online videos –


Sales videos can also be used in deals that involve multiple decision makers and have a long sales process (six months or longer).  The goal of these business-to-business sales videos should keep multiple decision makers engaged with the sales team by giving them examples of your firms skill sets and capabilities – just like many do now with white papers and case studies. Busy decision makers will appreciate your online sales video production because it will be easier, and quicker, for them to gain the insight they need in a more personal presentation.

Video content marketing means creating engaging web video content for different parts of your marketing your sales process. Just like you have brochures, white papers case studies and website content…these are great areas to start looking at producing online video content to feed into your marketing and sales process. So marketing with online video is just an integral piece of your overall sales process.




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  • Oct 5 Posted 2 years ago Jonathan Whiting (not verified)

    Really great article - some good points about video SEO which I think is underrated even though Forrester Research found that videos were 53 times more likely than traditional web pages to receive an organic first page ranking on Google.

    I'm always amazed by the power of video and recently wrote a blog about amazing video statistics - an interesting read for anyone interest in digital video.

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