How Non-Sexy Businesses Rock On Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on March 2nd 2014

How Non-Sexy Businesses Rock On Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]
How Non-Sexy Businesses Rock On Social Media - infographic
It's easy to do well in social media marketing if you've got a product or brand everyone loves, right? Well, if you've got a less-than-popular product or service such as feminine merchandise, hygiene, insurance, or office supplies, you too can kill it on your social media marketing efforts and generate new sales, as well as create customer loyalty and brand awareness. This infographic, called How Non-Sexy Businesses Rock On Social Media, which comes courtesy of Who Is Hosting This team, shows you how.

How Non-Sexy Brands Success On Social Media - infographic

Some key takeaways are:

Use humor to create shareable content

Insurance brand Allstate uses a fictional character, Mayhem, to humorously describe situations where insurance can step in and save you. The @mayhem Twitter account has more than 55,000 followers since its launch on September 25, 2013.

Create engaging social media campaigns

Dockers, a popular clothing line, launched a B2B and B2C social media campaign, Wear the Pants, to increase brand awareness. They asked people to become Facebook fans and submit a  plan for putting their personal or business dreams into action. One fan would win a cash prize to implement their plans. As a result more than 4,500 people entered the contest and Dockers has expanded their fan base more than five times since the contest launched.

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