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How Often Should You Post Social Media Updates?

how often status updates social mediaOne question that business owners new to social media ask us often is this one: How often should I post status updates to my social media accounts?  The answer is, it depends.

Keep in mind that all social media is different. Facebook and Twitter are very different from Google+ and LinkedIn.

Before you start posting to any social media site, you should take some time to understand the expectations of its current users. Social media communities are all different, and each of the popular social media websites are a unique community with distinct differences.

Twitter users, for example, don’t mind seeing your posts several times throughout the day. Twitter streams are so full of messages that fly on and fly off your screen so fast that you can miss most of the updates one of your followers posts and you won’t miss a thing. You can always go back and review those posts if you want.

Facebook is a little different. You want to stay relevant and visible, but not post too much. Typically one to two posts per day can be enough for  Facebook.

LinkedIn users, on the other hand, expect that you’ll be too busy to constantly post to your LinkedIn profile. On LinkedIn, a couple of times a week is generally enough.

So to answer the question, there’s no definitive answer. Post to your social media accounts as often as you have something useful to say, but keep in mind that each community is a unique community and has its own set of standards and expectations. Learn what those are and see how you – and your unique business message –  fit in, and you’ll find the recipe for your social media posting frequency that works right for you.

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  • Nov 29 Posted 3 years ago Dave_Thompson

    A short and clear guide for posting on Social Media channels. I know, all of the experienced Social Media analysts are keeping a track on their posting with a specific intervels. They can skip reading this article since they know how and when to engage with their fans with posts. But indeed, this article will surely help the people those who are not familier and trying to take the first step on Social Media world. I totally agree with your concept of keeping different ways to post on different channels. Thanks for sharing this article with us.

  • Oct 20 Posted 3 years ago amandakittle

    So glad to see this article! Some companies need to take the time to learn about each social platform before posting a million times a day on every single one. I get so frustrated when I see a business write a status on Facebook more than 2 times a day. They just clog up my news feed with information they already told me hours earlier. While I am still not crazy about multiple posts in one day, Twitter is different from other sites. The average tweet only lasts between one to two hours, so to keep your business or brand in consumers' minds you have to post more often. The other thing I suggest companies do before posting on various social media sites is to be sure to write something different on every site: reading the exact same sentence on five different social platforms is redundant and likely to be ignored. 

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