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How To Optimize Your Twitter Bio To Gain More Followers

I don't know about you, but I am a huge searcher on Twitter. I search just about everything. Last night I must have stayed up searching the #TrayvonMartin case for hours upon hours. I doubt I'm alone on that score. Twitter is so powerful because it allows you to search in real time. I've talked about using Twitter Search on this blog before. I've also talked about using hashtags to find information on Twitter.

The bottom line is that people love searching for things on Twitter. In fact, there are 1 billion Twitter search engine queries each day. Now that we know people are searching regularly, we want to make sure you're coming up for the right things when users begin their search.

Your bio is very important because it shows up on these searches. What exactly does this mean? Make your bio keyword heavy so that it contains the keywords that you want to be ranked for. As an example, I performed a search for "food blogger." As you can see, the Tweets show up on the righthand side.


But if you take a look at the lefthand side, you'll see that you can click on the People tab.  From here, you'll be shown those who have "food blogger" in their bio, or those who Tweet about it often enough.


When it comes to your online life, you want to be found. The easier you are to be found, the more followers you'll gain.

For more tips and tricks for performing an awesome Twitter search, check out this article.

What keywords are important to your business?

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  • khalidraza9's picture
    Jul 22 Posted 1 year ago khalidraza9

    Good point Stephanie - it is the first step to have an updated bio to be searchable. Something which people miss very easily and impacts in the long run. I also briefed some points in blog on how to get the best out of your Twitter account and I guess your point should be included in there.

    Thank You!

  • Jul 22 Posted 1 year ago caseymckenna

    Great tip!

  • modigagan's picture
    Jul 21 Posted 1 year ago modigagan

    Great, i was not aware of it at all

    A query, Does Twitter search does sorting basic geographical content or pure on basis of keywords