This year, even Santa Claus realized that you can't have happy employees or customers without a healthy dose of social media.

We stepped in at Angel to help Santa Claus keep giftee satisfaction high and elf workload low with a social media integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) hotline for the North Pole. We hope everyone can enjoy what we've made!

Here's how it works:

Dial 408-740-5924 anytime from now until Christmas Eve and:

  1. Get the daily weather at the North Pole
  2. Get the latest daily North Pole news
  3. Check Santa’s list to see if you’re on the Naughty or Nice List
  4. Leave a voicemail for Santa which gets posted to Twitter (@DearSantaTweets) and Facebook (

On Christmas Eve the menu changes and option 4 becomes a Santa tracker, which is updated hourly. 

So far, over 1700 people have called the hotline and over 200 people have left messages for Santa.

Hopefully, collecting wishes from Facebook and Twitter will help Santa and his elves keep track of who's getting what a lot easier!

For more on the hotline, and just how exactly Angel came to help Santa build this hotline, click here.

We hope you and your kids enjoy the hotline, and listening to all of the adorable Christmas wishes on Facebook and Twitter! Merry Christmas to all!