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How Social Media Can Make Moving to a New Place Easier


Even if you’re an extremely organized person, there are inevitably a huge number of things to manage prior to moving. The potential for roadblocks on the horizon increases even more if you’re moving very far away, like to another country.

Fortunately, social media can provide glimpses of your soon-to-be home, and more importantly, help you connect with people who live there. Keep reading to learn about some great examples of ways to use social media before making a move. Soon, you’ll get excited as move-in day approaches, instead of overwhelmed.

1. Peruse Pinterest to Get Cool Perspectives

Depend on Pinterest to find place boards with themes associated with the place where you’ll be moving. That can help you start to get familiarized with local landmarks so you can begin finding coffee shops, parks and cultural sites that could eventually become your tried-and-true standbys.

2. Join Geographically-Specific Facebook Groups

Facebook groups offer efficient and centralized ways to find people who live in particular areas. Many of them are also created for specific purposes, such as to help individuals who want to sell or trade unwanted items.

Towns that are known for educational tourist attractions may also make specific groups for people who want to expand their knowledge. Whether you’re thinking about taking Internet-based CE classes that are required for your real estate licensure or will soon be moving to New York to pursue courses in X-ray Technology, a Facebook group may offer great leads for like-minded people who are able to give you helpful advice for when you’re a new resident, and a student.

3. Keep Tabs on Local News

Facebook and Twitter are both great places to help you learn about newsworthy events in a community. Start doing a little research to find out the names of primary news outlets and take a few moments to follow them on social media.

Once you get familiarized with the names of local politicians, heavily-trafficked streets and points of interest, it should be easier to avoid the “fish out of water” feeling that can so commonly accompany people who have moved somewhere new.

4. Use Foursquare to Find Hotspots

You may have seen friends using Foursquare to “check in” at places where you live, but it can also be useful for giving you information about popular hangouts in a new community.

The Foursquare app also has a section called Foursquare Explore that makes recommendations of places to check out based on your interests. It could be especially helpful if you’ve recently moved to a new town and are gingerly navigating through a phase where you want to have a good time and meet new people, but just aren’t’ sure how to get started.

5. Keep an Eye Out for Social Media Buttons on Websites

As you do online research about everything from community recycling programs to pet license requirements, you’ll probably notice social media buttons embedded on most websites. It’s worthwhile to click on those and make it easier to follow certain community organizations, especially if you think they’ll be frequent resources for information as you get settled in.

Moving to a new place is usually a prospect that makes a person both excited and anxious, possibly simultaneously. As these examples prove though, your passion for social media could help you have a move that goes much more smoothly than you’re expecting. Even better, social media resources could make it less nerve-wracking to begin building a new circle of friends, especially if you start laying the groundwork before leaving a place that’s familiar. 

Image by Jorge Quinteros 

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  • ryanbiddulph's picture
    Apr 27 Posted 3 years ago ryanbiddulph

    I love the idea of geo-specific groups on Facebook Kayla. If you hang with locals you're likely to pick up all you need to know from locals. It's quite simple, really. Learn from people who live in the hood or have lived there using the power of targeted social media. Word of mouth marketing trumps all in the real estate game, because residents will tell you the truth while realtors may sugar coat things here and there ;) Thanks!

    I found this post on kingged(dot)com and voted it up :)

  • DawnP's picture
    Apr 27 Posted 3 years ago DawnP We recently moved cross-country and used apps along the way, including Foursquare and Yelp for restaurants and TripAdvisor to find hotels. It's not perfect, but the changes are amazing compared to how different things were when I moved in the opposite direction a decade ago!

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