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How a Social Media Strategy Can Affect Your ROI

Since today’s business world is heavily reliant upon social media interactivity, it’s kind of impossible toSocial Media's ROI Cycle imagine what marketing strategy wouldn’t include proper socialization tactics to promote business offerings to the masses.  Since every business owner or board of directors only cares about how their return on investment would be affected by enacting ‘x’ marketing pitch or ‘y’ sales advertisement, social media now has become vital to anyone wishing for successful bottom lines while keeping their business in front of bazillions.  Here we’ll deeply investigate how a social media strategy can affect your ROI while potentially raising or sinking your marketing strategy altogether with seeming ease.

You’re Socially Being Stalked

Competition is consistently looking for ways to bury you completely.  They’ll try direct or indirect tactics to socially burn you, and smile in your face as your once large marketing plan turns diminutive.  If your marketing strategy means writing killer Facebook wall posts, and you’re not engaging customers who react to these wall posts, your competition already has built a leveraging tool: engagement.  Research reveals that roughly 95% of all wall posts are never answered by major brands or even high-profile businesses; having social media engagement is perhaps the most important part of social media marketing and is an area which you never want to be deemed a failure in.  Watch your ROI virtually disappear should you ignore reactions to wall questions or simply pictures you promote on Facebook.

Picture Purchases Mean Everything Now

With Pinterest having become the new social media sharing giant and accounting for roughly 40% of social media driven purchases already, it’s relatively safe to assume that picture purchases now mean the world to marketing strategies and should be treated as huge.  Optimizing Pinterest presences with full-feature photos depicting great features of your products will generate heavy traffic, better conversions and keep customers coming back; therefore, it’s kind of hard to imagine life without Pinterest today.  If you’ve never bothered to optimize pictures on your website, or even decided to forego opening a Pinterest account, you’re steadily flushing business down the toilet which your competition would gladly take off your hands.  The Pinterest data collected by numerous sources all remain in synchronicity that this social media platform drives quality traffic, and tons of it, to those businesses that spend their time wisely enough to optimize their personal business sites to include highly detailed pictures.

Social Media Is Simply Addicting

Most of society would send their loved ones to NA or AA for addiction-related issues; today, social media addictions are treated with more social media addictions.  Friends are suggesting friends buy things, visit places and share those places with others; recently gathered statistics reveal that, on average, each user is engaged on Facebook for 20 minutes per login.  This means your business has 19 minutes to attract, engage and entice visitors to your Facebook business before someone else does; if you’re spending money on targeted Facebook campaigns, this also means you’d better find out when the ladies are online, when the men are engaged and tackle each gender individually through advertisements which they’ll see based on likes, locality and other demographics.  Your ROI could definitely improve if your business engages users during their 20 minutes of online fame and with compelling advertisements.

Content Can Kill Or Convert

Let’s establish one truth right here: blogging is social media engagement.  Anytime you speak to the world with content or videos, post these to blogs and share them with society, you are asking for social engagement.  This being said, your content can either destroy your new business or convert traffic, all which depend on what level of effort you place in this content.  It’s been recently estimated that customers will follow specific brands on social media platforms due to their content about 13% of the time. Sure, perhaps not an astonishing figure, yet it should be enough to compel blog or website owners to write content succinctly, factually and engaging enough to keep potential buyers around.  From there, you can share and ask for opinions about particular posts across social media and engage the Facebook users spending 20 minutes per login as depicted above. Ah yes - the wild freelancing adventure awaits all who seek sociology lessons.

Social Media Searches Can Increase Visibility

Businesses are consistently whining about where they rank in Google, Bing and Yahoo.  The truth is out, my friends: Twitter processes more searches every month than Bing and Yahoo combined.  Together.  Yep, pretty big.  So why wouldn’t businesses optimize their Twitter presence to match this astonishing statistic and increase their ROI without any extra ‘I’? It perplexes us, too, yet with hash tags becoming the new identifying factor for businesses, you’d think everyone would hash tag themselves and include other keywords which would identify them to the over 32 billion searches conducted through Twitter every month, yet it still only accounts for 14% of company marketing plans in recent polls.

Since some people are searching for love through social media, Flows.org is growing socially thanks to optimization efforts by the news site.  Check them out for the latest ideas...

With More Social, You’ll Expand

Expansion could never occur without exposure.  Exposure never transpires without marketing strategies and attentiveness towards potential return on investment into social media marketplaces.  The more socialization your marketing strategies include, the quicker you’ll have working capital to expand your business beyond belief.  Nobody’s asking the marketing executive to blindly create accounts for their businesses, spend thousands on blind campaigns and hope people will engage; taking the time to read carefully gathered statistics will tell you, however, that NOT having social media campaigns running while actively engaging your fans will lead to sudden internet death of your product or service.  Unless, of course, you’ll optimize locally.

Successful Strategies Launch Innovations

ROI can become unbalanced simply by starting at the wrong end of marketing spectrums.  Instead of defining, setting and monitoring goals before social media marketing tactics are introduced, one can only watch marketing dollars shoot down the drain.  From the drain, they go into someone else’s pocket without return.  To begin increasing your ROI, marketing strategies need to begin with strong mission statements followed closely by clearly defined and set goals which conclude with tactics in achieving these goals.  Once these steps have been followed, the marketing plan launches and ideas become innovations with strong backbones.  In the midst of these marketing planning phases are social media points of entry and methods of positive saturation without targeting the wrong groups or areas.  This, my friends, becomes the long-term answer to your short-term ROI fears when social media strategies are considered.

Throw In Social Videos…

YouTube enjoys roughly sixty hours of uploaded video per minute and traffic which rivals Google searches. Flickr is also becoming the go-to video source for millions.  By optimizing videos for social media engagement, expect your marketing strategy to instantly receive the boost necessary to cover video marketing segments of marketing plans.  The videos are free to share, nearly free to make and can include informative insight that customers wish to collect before making sound buying decisions.  Video marketing will be the wave of our future, and those who’ve planned on this will definitely see increases in marketing ROI.


Social media has perhaps the most profound impact on today’s ROI than any other marketing plan you’d conceive.  Everyone is talking about brands, discussing who or what is hot, and sharing purchases made with each other.  Jumping onboard with proper social media strategizing will benefit your business today, and tomorrow, with plenty of marketing money saved back considering socializing is free.

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