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How Throwback Thursday Can Help Brand Your Business

An Official Indiana University Journalism Graduate

An Official Indiana University Journalism Graduate #tbt

Out of all the internet trends I come across, my favorite from a personal and brand perspective is Throwback Thursday, or #tbt as it is known. Throwback Thursday is not only very popular, it is also a lot of fun. Now, you might be thinking, "Isn't Throwback Thursday just a bunch of baby pictures?" The answer is no.

While baby pictures are cute and can get you a lot of likes, there is much more to Throwback Thursday than just photos from way back. If you participate in the trend correctly you can brand your business and earn a lot of respect and social credibility. It also gives you great content to share on a variety of different platforms. One Throwback Thursday picture can be stretched into a blog post, a tweet, an Instagram post, and a Facebook post. You can even create a Pinterest board of your Throwback pictures for your fans viewing pleasure.

What Participating In Throwback Thursday Says About Your Business

1. Shows You've Been Around

Business might be the one place where you lying about your age isn't cool. On the contrary, you want to brag. To be an old business, often times means you are a successful business.

2. Shows You Are Fun

In the social world the more you can relate to what your customers are engaging in, the more success you will have. It's very likely that your customers are posting Throwback Thursday photos. You can tap into it by having something in common with them.

3. Shows You Are Hip

By jumping on a trend you are letting your audience know that you get it. When you get it, you are hip. Done and done.

4. Shows You Have A Personality

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. What do you want those words to be? Your picture can help dictate your story and give a visual voice to what you stand for.

5. Shows You Are Creative

This is a great time to show you are a social brand. Creativity goes a long way on the social web.

What To Share On Throwback Thursday

Product Launches
Your First Office
An Event You Hosted
A Speech You Gave
Your Old Business Card
Your Old Logo
Your Old Website
Older Pictures Of Your Startup Days
Baby Pictures To Show You As An Entrepreneur
Monumental Moments In Your Business History
The Time You Met President Clinton
The Time You Met Leonardo DiCaprio
A Picture Of Your First Warehouse
A Picture of How Fashionable You Were In the 90s
Pictures Of Your Employees Then And Now
Picture Of Your Graduation (See above)
A Picture From Yesterday (Hey, no one said it had to be that old)

Do you participate in Throwback Thursday? What do you post?

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