How to Turn Vacation Envy Into a Social Marketing Opportunity

Mark Cooper
Mark Cooper Co-founder/VP Customer, Offerpop

Posted on June 7th 2013

How to Turn Vacation Envy Into a Social Marketing Opportunity

Summer’s here: the weather’s warm, the days are long, and your news feed is cluttered with friends’ vacation photos. It’s tough not to feel a pang of jealousy when you see pals lazing on beaches or exploring new cities.  But you can turn vacation envy into a big marketing opportunity.

Your brand’s news feed posts are like any other marketing placement: context is important. And right about now, everyone on social is talking travel.

Here are three ways to insert your brand into that conversation.

Run a Getaway Sweeps

Nothing piques fans’ interest like a shot at winning a luxury vacation. It’s the perfect strategy for hotels, tourism boards, and other travel industry brands, raising awareness about your destination and services at little cost.

A big-ticket giveaway isn’t in the budget? Partner with a travel site to offer discounts on flights or lodging. Or put together a gift package of travel must-haves.

Try a Travel-Themed Photo Contest

Social media triggers our inner show-offs. We just have to show off that beachside watering hole or an artsy sunrise. It’s one of the reasons photo contests work so well.

Give the “Share your Travel Photos” sweeps a twist by asking fans to share their favorite vacation outfits, extreme sports moments, or culinary adventures — whatever makes sense for your audience.

Create a Vacation-Themed Look Book

You don’t need to work for a travel brand to give fans a little vacation inspiration. Curate collections of your brand’s beachwear, and include links back to the corresponding items on your site.  Or just create some shareable, on-brand editorial: like “Top 10 Secret Celebrity Vacation Spots,” or “Our Picks for Best Summer Reads.”

Smart seasonal campaigns do more than keep brands relevant. They tap into cultural trends, stoke the desire for action, and make it easy for fans to take that action with the help of their brand.  Plus, everyone loves tropical cocktail photos.

Mark Cooper

Mark Cooper

Co-founder/VP Customer, Offerpop

Mark is Co-Founder and VP Customer of Offerpop, a leading social marketing software company.  Offerpop helps marketers engage audiences everywhere. Launch powerful social marketing campaigns inminutes across all major social networks and marketing channels on any device subscribers.

Mark has helped launch an array of online, mobile and media businesses, including the first TV product placement ratings service (Nielsen IAG) and the wireless industry's first mobile virtual network operator (ESPN Mobile).  He began his career building brand campaigns for leading consumer marketers in the US and Asia / Pacific, including NIKE, General Mills and Apple. Mark holds a BA in History and a BA in International Economics from Brown University.

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