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How to Understand Social Media: Watch Cats

Agencies, solo entrepreneurs and growing businesses attempting to understand the intricacies of social media are facing a barrage of information, articles, advice, and ‘How to’ blogs out there. It would take years to sift and sort the wheat from the chaff.

Here’s my advice – if you want to understand social media, watch cats.

Why? The reasons include:

* Cats do not scream, beg or demand attention – they solicit your focus at exactly the right time and for the perfect amount of time

* Cats are masters of positioning – they always, pretty much without fail, position themselves in the ideal place in front of you

* Cats are excellent observers – they don’t bound in, they observe, watch, learn and adapt to their audience

* Cats give appropriately – they seem to give the right amount of attention back to you, just when you want it

* Cats understand conversation – they appreciate that you want to talk to them, engage them, and they let you do just that

* Cats don’t broadcast – they are the masters of two-way engagement, and appreciate it’s all about give and take

Here’s my cats, Tanka and Impish, demonstrating perfect positioning in their own definitive styles:

So, when you’re wondering how to observe, engage, focus your audience, and hold attention on social media spaces…ask the felines.

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  • chrisstreet's picture
    Nov 24 Posted 6 years ago chrisstreet

    Hi Maureen

    Thanks - try giving first, and see what comes back!



  • Nov 21 Posted 6 years ago Maureen McCabe (not verified)

     "Cats give appropriately – they seem to give the right amount of attention back to you, just when you want it "

    Really?  My step-cat must not have got the memo.

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