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How to Use Customized LinkedIn Advertising Solutions

Take a look at these various advanced advertising solutions given by LinkedIn and the scenarios when brands can utilize them. This blog also enlists the importance of LinkedIn as a marketing platform.

Social Ads


Follow Company Ads

Company Ads

  • Ads to acquire new followers, enabling brands to subsequently engage them with company status updates
  • Recommended if the objective is to increase the number of company followers and transform it into a resource for sharing timely news & events information or your newest whitepaper


Recommendation Ads

Recommendation Ads

  • Creating valuable brand advocates by showcasing existing endorsements and inspiring additional recommendations
  • Recommended once there are a few ‘recommendations’ for your products & services on LinkedIn
  • The objective is to integrate into the social graph of people already satisfied with your offerings


Join Group Ad

Group Ad

  • Highlighting current relevant conversations to increase membership in groups
  • Recommended for open groups to convert weak social ties into strong ties


Display Ads


Standard Ad Units and Text Links

Standard Ad Units and Text Links

  • A combination of images and text in a banner format. Flash is supported


Homepage Takeover

Homepage Takeover

  • All the ad spaces on the home page sold to a single brand
  • Ensures maximum visibility and clicks


Compounded Content Ads

Compounded Content Ads

  • To drive engagement through multiple streams of dynamic content (video, company status updates, and more) in a single unit




Employee Profile Sponsorships

Employee Profile Sponsorships

  • To deliver relevant messages to LinkedIn members any time they view a profile of one of your employees


Group Sponsorships


Custom Group Sponsorship

Custom Group Sponsorship

  • Exclusive access to group/groups for delivering custom media
  • Recommended for raising awareness and positioning the brand as a thought leader by delivering rich content, including video, polling members with questions, and integrating a blog, Twitter or RSS feed

Enhanced Group Sponsorship

Enhanced Group Sponsorship

  • Exclusive access to an ad placement within group/groups
  • Gives more control and flexibility


Answers Platform Sponsorship

Answers Platform Sponsorship

  • The objective is to reach professionals during their critical decision-making process


Custom Applications

Custom Applications

  • Applications designed to meet specific needs
  • Recommended for offerings when the objective is to use LinkedIn’s API to target niche audiences


Partner Messages

Partner Messages

  • To deliver targeted messages with industry-leading open rates using LinkedIn’s InMail messaging platform
  • Partner messages allow for customization, including a co-branded landing page, an ad unit and a call-to-action button


Targeting Options


    • Location – This gives you the option of geo-targeting for your campaign
    • Company – You can select exact company names, or categories of companies


    • Job Title – You can select exact job titles or define the job function

Job Title

Depending on the objective of your campaign, you can select appropriate custom advertising solutions offered by LinkedIn and define your targeting exactly to reach the correct audience. An example of custom targeting would be to target people who have recently got a promotion (LinkedIn users tend to change their job titles in such a scenario). These people can be rewarded for their achievements by giving them an exclusive incentive which can be provided via a custom solution like ‘Partner Messages’ or ‘Custom Applications’.

All these solutions work on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) model, except for partner messages where you have to pay per message.

Why Should Marketers Care

Million members worldwide

The Accomplishers

1 out of 3 come for Professional disscussions Information gathering

LinkedIn helps members in their current job

39% have generated new business on LinkedIn

86% have High confidence in LinkedIn information


Have you started utilizing LinkedIn as a marketing platform to reach influential, affluent and educated audience while they’re making key business decisions? If not, let us know in the comments section about what is hindering you. 

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  • Rohit Onkar's picture
    Oct 22 Posted 4 years ago Rohit Onkar


    Here's the link to the presentation I created on the very same topic - http://www.slideshare.net/convonix/linkedin-custom-solutions-marketing-solutions-catered-to-meet-your-objective

    Much more insights in the presentation :) Don't forget to share!




  • Rohit Onkar's picture
    Sep 7 Posted 4 years ago Rohit Onkar

    Yes! There are! I am going to come up with a presentation soon that highlights the effectiveness of these campaigns as well. Glad that you liked this :)


  • Ebusinesssubmit's picture
    Sep 6 Posted 4 years ago ebusinesssubmit

    Wohoo! Lots of ways to advertise in linkedin by the way thanks for sharing rohit :)

  • Rohit Onkar's picture
    Aug 21 Posted 4 years ago Rohit Onkar

    Glad you liked it :)

  • Aug 19 Posted 4 years ago realtybiznews

    Onkar this is really helpful information


    Thanks for sharing



  • Rohit Onkar's picture
    Aug 17 Posted 4 years ago Rohit Onkar

    Hi Kent,

    The statistics are from an online survey conducted by LinkedIn. In my present assignment I run social media campaigns for clients, majorly focusing on LinkedIn and have got these statistics from their sales team.

    This link might help a bit - http://marketing.linkedin.com/audience

    Do let me know how your presentation goes :)






  • Kent Ong's picture
    Aug 17 Posted 4 years ago Kent Ong

    Hi Rohit, where did you get those Linkedin stats? Mind to post the link here? Because I have a presentation next Saturday, with those stats, it would be very helpful.

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