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How to Use Facebook Embedded Posts for Marketing

The Facebook embedded post was recently rolled out to all users, not just major brands, and I found myself excited at the possibilities that Facebook’s latest addition could provide for those in the marketing industry.  The extent of how awesome Facebook embedded posts will be is still unseen, but the immediate benefits to marketers is here so long as you use it.

Facebook Embedded Posts in Blog Articles

Social interactions have a way of creating great information that you may never have even thought about sharing with your customers and website readers.  Through Facebook embedded posts, brands can now share these great Facebook “chat” interactions or conversations with their readers on their blogs and websites to further enhance their articles.  Use embedded posts to enhance articles by providing additional insight into your brand, products or simply share an answered question, all within a relevant blog post.  Don’t forget, if you’re lucky a blogger in your industry may just embed one of your posts to their own blog an increase your brand exposure for you.

Share The Latest Industry News

If you’re in the habit of paraphrasing news articles on your brand’s blog or simply like sharing the latest news, you can now use Facebook embedded posts to embed the latest news directly from their Facebook posts.  This is a great way to share information and to provide a unique news source for your content.  Just be careful what news you decide to embed, if things start to get ugly or the post gets deleted, it’s going to either show up or disappear from your brand’s blog.

Facebook embedded posts

 Create News-Worthy and Share-Worthy Posts

With Facebook embedded posts now available for everyone, now more than ever it’s important that you focus on the quality of your Facebook posts.  If you want people to embed your posts and increase your brand awareness for you, you need to make sure that the content you’re putting out is worth sharing.

Facebook marketing

Make Your News and Press Releases Interactive

Press releases and news are pretty boring.  If you want to “jazz up” your news announcements or Press releases, take advantage of Facebook embedded posts to make them a bit more interactive.  Whether for a product launch or upcoming event, give your readers and customers a chance to jump in on the conversation by embedding your post into a Press release.

Show Off Your Customer Satisfaction

While I haven’t been able to confirm, or even test successfully, that you can embed user recommendations and ratings, I imagine that feature will be available in the coming months as they further develop embedded posts.  In the mean time, take the chance to request user’s leave a comment on a poll or post that you share on your Facebook page.  Simply request that your fans share a story about a great experience they had with your business and take the opportunity to embed that post to your blog.  Embedded posts will allow you to show how many likes and comments a post has through the embed code, and you may just gather up some more testimonials by sharing the article itself!

How do you plan to use Facebook embedded posts?  Share your ideas and strategies, or hopes for the future of this feature by leaving a comment below!


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  • Aug 28 Posted 3 years ago caseymckenna

    Great article. I think this will be very useful for website blogs and press releases.

    I hope to be able to use the embedded function in our website

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