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How to Use Flickr's NEW Pinterest Integration with Attribution

Flickr, Popular photo sharing service owned by Yahoo, announced they have added Pinterest integration to their photos, which will allow users to "Pin" content with attribution. With Flickr being one of the largest content sources of Pinterest, this decision comes as no surprise.

Check Your Settings

Since this is a new addition, don't expect to navigate through Flickr and see loads of images you can easily Pin. The decision is up to the content owner, so any new images uploaded can be included. Any older images would have to be edited if it does not already have "ShareALike" Creative Commons."


Share On Pinterest

Once a user sets their photos to the correct attribution, sharing is simple. Above the photo there a "share" drop down. Click on it and the Pinterest button will populate alongside Facebook, Twitter and Email.

Select Category / Description

You can then post directly to Pinterest using the familiar Pinmarket

Check It Out On Pinterest

You can now see your pin with wonderful attribution on your Pinterest page. That's it! Pretty easy and nifty.

What Do You Think?

What do you think about this integration? Is this something you'd use? Tweet me @tammykfennell and be sure to check out MarketMeSuite's Pinterest Innovation, MarketMeSuite's PinMe.  

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