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Tuesday, June 20th

How to Use Google+ Hangouts on Air

On May 7th Google started rolling out the Hangouts On Air feature worldwide. (

Here is our take on how to use it. While it is still in the introductory age, one still needs a jumping off point.

What Exactly is Hangouts On Air? (

Hangouts on Air is a built-in feature for hangouts to stream your hangout within Google+ and YouTube records it. The recorded video then will be available on your YouTube Account after the Hangout has ended. The Google+ post will then contain the recorded video once it's processed for prosperity and possibly better SEO rankings and traffic for your YouTube page.

How Exactly Does it Work? (

Start your hangout as usual, invite people,  and give it a name. Make sure to enable Hangouts On Air before you click "hang out."

After that you have to agree to the Terms of Service and Legal Agreement and you are ready to go. If you don't have a verified YouTube Account yet, the hangout will prompt you to do so. (

Now you can invite more participants and get ready for going live. At this point only you are able to see the live video.

You are not public yet...

The host who started the hangout is the only one allowed to invite more people to the hangout; unfortunately you can't invite publicly. You can also copy the embed code from within the hangout to include your live event on external websites like a blog or company site.

Going Live 

When you are ready to go live, hit the button "Start broadcast." Now your broadcast will be posted on your stream and on your YouTube channel publicly and anyone can watch it.

Can You Reshare the Post?

Of course, use the regular share link and Google will reshare the post including the player and the description.

Are there any moderation features?

As of yet, not so much. You have the regular features like muting and blocking a user, however only the host/broadcaster is allowed to invite more people via the hangout. You can still share the link publicly or with your friends.

I have some issues what can I do?

If you have trouble setting up your Hangout On Air or experience any other issues feel free to use the "send feedback" link in the hangout, post your question in the help forum: or use the send feedback on the hangout page (

This new feature for Google+ pages may just be the feature that is needed to attract more users, and more businesses, to the struggling Social Network. The possibilities seem to be quite vast and it will be interesting to see just how the medium gets utilized. Small Businesses may be able to supplant their local TV marketing efforts and focus on a G+ distribution model and self-produce adverts themselves. Experts in their fields, Social Media gurus and mechanics alike, can take the late 2000s popularity of  Audio Podcasts to video with a better distribution model and not have to self host the content.

How will you use it? Will it work for your business?

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