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How to Use HubSpot to Measure Your Social Media Marketing

monitor social media with hubspot

Boston-based inbound marketing company Hubspot has created a comprehensive suite of marketing automation software tools that help companies efficiently manage their online (inbound) marketing efforts. Hubspot’s all-in-one solution helps your business connect with prospects interested in your product or service, generate qualified leads, and ultimately drive sales conversions. They do this by providing a host of tools that integrate your web-based marketing with your social media, creating a seamless online experience.

Perhaps most importantly, Hubspot’s platform provides robust analytics to measure and analyze the results of your online marketing, including your social media marketing.

Social media for business is still in its infancy, with many brands only now beginning to grasp its importance as an indispensable tool for online marketing. An added benefit of social media is that, because it is a digital medium, it is highly measureable.

As such, many core marketing analytics principals can be applied to your social media marketing efforts: you can measure the reach your social media, your audience views your brand, how much traffic social media drives, and how many leads and sales you are generating from that traffic.

Hubspot’s inbound marketing software helps you measure these four critical metrics to analyze your social media marketing effectiveness.¹

Social Media Reach

It is important to track the total number of people engaging with your social media channels, because the bigger your social media audience, the broader your social media “reach.” With a broad social reach, you can amplify your brand’s messaging and content, especially given the exponential nature of social media.

Hubspot’s software measures all of the interactions throughout your social media channels, from Facebook “likes” to YouTube video views and blog comments, and integrates this data with real-time graphs that are downloadable into Excel.

Measuring your social reach allows you to tweak content and messaging to better resonate with your audience.

Visibility and Brand Perception

Listening to your audience is an important aspect of social media marketing. Hubspot’s software tracks every mention your brand receives within each social media channel, and provides qualitative analysis as to whether those mentions are positive, negative, or neutral.

Monitoring this information gives you an opportunity for deeper engagement or reputation management, depending on the nature of the mention.

Web Traffic from Social Media

One key reason to use social media marketing is to drive traffic to your online base of operations- your website- in order to attract visitors, generate leads, and convert sales.

You want to monitor the percentage of unique visitors to your website coming from social media. Hubspot’s software tracks this data metric by recording the referring sources in your web analytics platform.

Conversion Rate from Social Media

At the end of the day, conversion is all that counts. With Hubspot’s platform you can track the percentage of visitors from social media that end up converting into leads and sales. This metric is indispensable for measuring the ultimate value of your social media efforts.

You can track visitor-to-lead, lead-to-customer, and visitor-to-customer conversion rates from each of your social media sites, and compare this data to your conversion metrics from other marketing channels to properly assess your social media ROI.


Forbes magazine ranks Hubspot 17th in its top 20 most promising companies, and INC 500 lists the inbound marketing software provider as the 2nd fastest growing software company. In the spirit of full disclosure, SyneCore Technologies is a Hubspot VAR partner, helping our clients manage the inbound marketing platform for their businesses.

We did this because we truly believe that Hubspot’s all-in-one inbound marketing software platform provides an indispensable toolset for brands to get found online, convert prospects to leads and customers, and measure the results of their efforts. In short, they provide a one-stop shop, or “hub-spot,” for all of your online (inbound) marketing needs.


¹ Hubspot, “An Introduction to Marketing Analytics



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