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How to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website or blog [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know Pinterest is generating more referral traffic to websites/blogs than YouTube, Google +, and LinkedIn combined? It is no question that marketers are increasingly turning to Pinterest to generate traffic to their sites and find new customers. This infographic from The Social Marketer explains how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool to promote your website/blog. If you would like to share this infographic on your site please feel free to do so

Source:The Social Marketer

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  • Mar 14 Posted 5 years ago bobledrew

    I don't know about Maddie Grant's objections to the infographic, but here's what a quick look gave me: 

    1. Don't spell it "Consistentcy" 
    2. The colour scheme is more appropriate for a Barbie-related "infographic" 
    3. To my mind, an infographic is a visual representation of data. This is a poster. There is no effort made at visually representing data. In fact, there is no data. 
    4. The key messages of the "infographic" are:  
      1. Pinterest is a way of sharing information 
      2. People can drive traffic by pinning things 
      3. People should increase engagement with their pins by engaging with others' pins
      4. You should spend at least 10 minutes per day doing this. 
    5. This required a 3300x580 graphic? Frankly, not worth the scroll. 
    6. There's no evidence provided for the advice. Why 10 minutes? Not 15 or 20 or 7.5? How much of this 10 minutes is pinning and how much commenting on other people's pins? 
    7. There's no data behind the advice. Is there proof that pins drive traffic? 
    8. There's no attempt at integrating the apparent goal (drive traffic) into a strategic action or plan -- so I get traffic. What do I do with it? 

    By the way, why would it take 21 days to respond to a comment? 

  • Mar 13 Posted 5 years ago _Sians

    Handy useful info - have pinned to my Pinterest help board. Thanks for sharing on Bizsugar

  • thesocialmarketer's picture
    Mar 13 Posted 5 years ago thesocialmarketer

    Hi Maddie, just wanted to find out what you disliked about this infographic? This is not a overly complex inforgraphic nor was it designed to be, it was an introduction into the subject for people who know nothing about pinterest.

  • Feb 24 Posted 5 years ago Linda Smith

    Pinterest seems to be getting a lot of buzz in the marketing industry nowadays. I must admit, Social MEdia Marketing is one aspect of marketing where I need more training for my online business. 

    And by the way, I like your presentation. Very neat design!


    From More Web Site Traffic Guide

  • CliffFigallo's picture
    Feb 22 Posted 5 years ago CliffFigallo

    Ever? EVER? I will admit, we've got a thing for pink. Maybe a carryover from V-day?

    Sgt. Cliff

    SMT Editor Policeman


  • ideagirlmedia's picture
    Feb 22 Posted 5 years ago ideagirlmedia


    Nice outline.

    Again, we're seeing that we must engage to make this social media work.

    Love the pink and colorful presentation!


    (I really want to pin this, but cannot find a Pinterest button on the page....)

  • maddiegrant's picture
    Feb 21 Posted 5 years ago maddiegrant

    Worst infographic ever.   How did this pass the SMT editor police?

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