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How to Use Snapchat "Reveals" to Captivate Fans


One of the great benefits of Snapchat's "blink and you'll miss it" marketing is the dedicated time viewers must give to the content you send out. While this limit is 10 seconds per ordinary snap, by combining multiple snaps in a Snapchat story, you can extend your message length much further, and encourage more watch-time, as demonstrated by the example from GrubHub below:

The story starts with two clear messages to encourage viewers to keep watching...


2. And then a pizza appears. One slice at a time is lifted away at a time to reveal the discount code...


After a mid-message teaser, the reveal continues...


Until finally, after nearly a whole minute, the code is revealed. One final snap shows the promo's end date and a link to further T&Cs.


And here's the whole Snapchat story playing in full:

GrubHub's content here is extremely simple to put together, but the way it is constructed ensures that fans are engaged for longer, and have more of a chance to digest the message given that Snapchat stories exist up to 24 hours and can be viewed as many times as desired within that time. Whether a whole minute of marketing is too much for Snapchatters to bear is, I'm sure, something GrubHub will learn as a result of this promotion, allowing them to tweak and optimise their approach in future.

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