How WordPress Comments are Evolving

Posted on July 26th 2013

How WordPress Comments are Evolving
It used to be you were limited to leaving a WordPress comment on the blog itself.

When social networking sites enabled developers to create scripts and plugins for a reader to click a button and share that blog post to Facebook and other sites, commenting began taking off in a new direction.

The latest evolution is bundling commenting systems into one interface so you the reader can choose your preferred system and comment where you want more people to read what you have to say. Maybe you want to comment right here on my blog. Maybe you’d rather share your comment to Facebook, or as Mark Harai commented on Google+.

WordPress comment

Cheers to Brandon Holtsclaw for developing a plugin called Comments Evolved for WordPress. Cheers to Danny Brown for evangelizing the importance.

Scroll to the bottom of my blog post and experiment with the different tabbed options. Share your comment to Facebook or Google, or comment directly as you are accustomed to doing right here. The choice is yours.

Let me (and Brandon) know what you think of the plugin.

Please write a comment at How WordPress Comments are Evolving if inspired.


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