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How To Write Compelling Content With Purpose

How To Write Compelling Content With Purpose

Have you ever written content that encourages nothing but total silence?  You know, content that you thought was so compelling that it would become viral minutes after you post it, yet all you hear are crickets chirping.   No comments, no tweets, no sharing of your content on Facebook and other social networking websites.  Absolutely no response whatsoever.

Heck, I'll be the first one to admit that I've done that on several occasions!  This is a common event among many new bloggers.  Simply writing for your blog doesn't necessarily mean you will attract a band of loyal readers.

You have to learn effective copywriting skills and techniques that will allow you to create compelling blog content that leaves readers craving more!

There are a few simple rules you need to remember when writing for your blog that will guarantee a greater response from your readers.

Focus On Your Reader

Establish your intent early on in both the headline and the initial paragraph.  Let your readers know what benefit they will get out of reading your content.

Have a Strong Headline

Your headline is where it's all at.  Make your statement there and make it big and bold.  Your headline should clearly establish the exact benefit your reader is going to get by reading your article. The best headlines provoke an emotional response in your reader.

Less is More

Keep things brief and make your point quickly.  Many readers simply parse through the content on your blog and don't actually read it completely.  Establish your point quickly and then move on to the next one.

Shorten Your Sentences

Keeping with the first point above, keep your sentences short.  Make sure that each sentence has a beginning, middle and end.

For example, take  the sentence “Your goal is to learn how to write compelling content.”

Notice how the sentence makes a strong statement while adhering to a structure that presents a beginning, middle and end.  The sentence establishes the point right off that bat with “Your goal” and then moves on to tell you what you are going to be doing in the words “learn how”.  Then it tells you what you will accomplish with the words “write compelling content”.

This has a profound impact on your ability to create compelling content and will drastically improve the response you get from your copywriting.

Shorten Your Paragraphs

Writing short, informative paragraphs allows you to break up your content into smaller blocks that each make their point quickly. Statistics show that readers tend to absorb the point much quicker when faced with shorter paragraphs.  It tricks their mind into thinking your article will be quick and easy to read.  Notice how the majority of paragraphs in this post are no more than 3 to 4 sentences long.

Write With Purpose

Make bold statements about your topic.  Show that you are passionate about the topic you are writing about and have a clear, concise purpose in writing it.  Establishing your purpose in a firm manner that isn't insulting to the reader.  This tells them you know what you are talking about and you mean to share it with them.

Have a Beginning, Middle and End

Establish the problem or need you intent to solve in the beginning and then provide the substance of your solution in the middle.  Finally, close it out by clearly demonstrating you have solved their problem.

Use Simple Words

Use simple words such as “use” instead of “utilized” and “get” instead of “receive”.  This makes things much easier to read as well as simple to understand.

Applying these techniques when writing your content will have a dramatic impact and increase the response you receive from your posts.  Website traffic will increase and your blog will become more popular!

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  • Jul 6 Posted 6 years ago powerofmore

    A call to action is not necessarily needed for your content to be considered compelling.  Although having a call to action in your content can move others to action, it isn't what determines whether the content is compelling or not, but simply and action.

    Compelling content is content that teaches or provides the reader with information or knowledge that they otherwise did not posses.  It should move the reader in a way that makes them realize that they have just been provided with information that could potentially solve a problem or issue which they may be experiencing.  It helps them by sharing knowledge or directing them to various resources which they can benefit from.

    The sharing of information for which the reader considers valuable is what makes it compelling for them in their own mind.  Including a call to action may benefit both parties, but isn't necessary to create compelling content.

    Great questions Summer!  Thanks for the comment!

  • Jun 10 Posted 7 years ago SummerHuggins I wonder if compelling content also needs a "call to action"? Our content can ask readers -- either directly or indirectly -- to donate, buy, contact legislators, change, volunteer, improve, share or comment. Is a call to action required for content to be considered compelling?

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