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How Your Company Should Use Vine

By this time I am assuming that all of know what Vine is, so I will keep the summary short. Owned by Twitter, Vine is a mobile app that allows you to shoot six second videos and post them to your social sites.

For those of you who immediately started thinking “Vine is dead,” (obviously referring to Facebook adding a video feature to Instagram) please read Why Instagram Isn’t a Vine Killer, by Jon Thomas. Who knows how long Vine will be here, but while it is here, it is another free source of marketing that allows businesses and users to tap into their creative genes.

In this Vine Infographic from CareWorksTech, we see the rise in mobile videos. With the rise in YouTube views, we know that people love watching videos. I would rather watch a six second video about a product then read 500 words about it and most customers would.

Vine gives businesses the opportunity to do many things without having the chance to go overboard and bore the viewer. Not having to shoot six consecutive seconds is a favorite feature for most and allows you to pack more into six seconds than you think.

Here are some fun ways to utilize vine:

Office Tour
– People enjoy seeing the office of their favorite brands. It gives a sort of sneak peak, behind the scenes feel, where customers and fans get the opportunity to see where the “magic” happens.
Here is HubSpot showing a new addition to the office -

Product Demo/Creation – Show your product being used or being created. Domino’s did a wonderful job using webcams to let you see their pizza making process, this could easily be made into a six second vine.
Domino’s Webcam

Show the Team ­- Use your vine to introduce your team. Each team member gets six seconds. Have fun with this; maybe everyone has their own catch-phrase.

Promotional ­– Promote a service!

Contests – There is nothing that impacts social media than contests. Create a vine promoting the contest and have users create their own vine to enter.

These are just a few ways your business could and should be using Vine. It is quick, easy and best of all free. Remember to get creative!



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