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I Wanna Grab It: The Immense Power of a Nice Package

creative packaging Now that's the type of nice-looking package anyone would be happy to receive.

When you hear someone say, “I’d like to get my hands on a package like that!” or “That’s the best looking package I’ve seen in a long time,” your first thought may not be of marketing… but it should be.

Why? Well, the packaging your products come in – especially if you’re an online retailer – matter a lot more to your customers than you might think.

From increasing sales to boosting your online exposure, creative packaging is a great way for small business owners to make a big impression.

Keep reading to learn how investing in better packaging can create a unique brand experience for your customers and encourage loyalty like never before!

So Impressive They'll Want to Share It With Friends

Creative Packaging

The highest compliment a customer can give? Raving about your package on social media.

We all know the power social media can hold, but how can you harness it to benefit your business? By upping your package game.

Consider this: If someone likes your package enough to post a picture of it on social media, you’re doing something very right.

One tweet or share on Facebook has the potential to reach an infinite amount of people, which means every picture shared is boosting your business’ online exposure and enhancing brand recognition for you.

Check out these stats courtesy of Internet Retailer:

  • 4 in 10 consumers would share a picture of an online order on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook if it came in a unique, branded, or gift-like box. (Tweet this)
  • 83% of consumers said they would post a picture on Facebook of an “attractively packaged” order received from an online retailer. (Tweet this)

More, More, More! Customers Who Just Can't Get Enough

Creative packaging Birchbox 

This customer was so happy with Birchbox's packaging that she not only tweeted about it; she saved it and is now using it to store her cosmetics.

Every business owner wants repeat customers. But how does one boost their odds (by over 50%!) for getting customers who return time and time again?

How about by putting a bit more time and energy into creating the type of packages that keep you forefront in your customers’ minds.

Think about this:

  • 52% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from an online retailer that delivers orders in premium packaging. (Tweet this)

But that’s not all; if your products are on the pricey end, or if you’re selling jewelry especially, your consumers want, and expect, their orders to arrive in nice, creative packaging. Take a look at these interesting stats:

  • 51% of online consumers said they expect to receive online orders in premium packaging from a retailer that typically provides such packaging in its stores. (Tweet this)
  • 71% of online consumers say they expect higher-quality packaging when ordering expensive products online. (Tweet this)
  • 53% of online consumers say premium packaging is particularly important for online orders of jewelry. (Tweet this)
  • 60% of online consumers say it’s important for retailers to deliver products in “sustainable” packaging, such as packages made with recycled material. (Tweet this)

How to Make Your Package More Enticing (on a Budget)Creative Packaging Example

Online seller Pieceful Joy has creative packaging (on a budget) down to an art. 

  • Tissue paper is your friend. (Not to mention it comes in every color possible and a ton of different designs.) If your product could be attractively wrapped in tissue paper, try it out. It makes for a pretty pop of color, as well as a very budget-friendly way to present your product.
  • Twine is so hot right now. A little shabby chic and very darn cheap, twine wrapped around your package can make your customers say "wow."
  • Punch that paper. As you can see in the image above, online seller Pieceful Joy used a decorative paper puncher to jazz up her packaging. She simply punched the corners of a flash card and tied it together with a little bit of twine.
  • Stamps are for champs. There's something very charming about stamps on plain or colored paper. So choose the one that best matches your business' style (or a few) and stamp up some paper to wrap your packages in. You could also get a branded stamp with your logo or business' name. (Stickers work too.)
  • Spice things up with fun packaging tape. Did you know packaging tape can come in everything from lace to polka dots? No? Well, now you do.
  • Be eco-friendly. Use recycled paper of any kind as eco-friendly packaging. (Think hemp, mulberry, and wild grass paper.) Be sure to proudly let your customers know when you use sustainable materials by including a little card or note.
  • Lunch bags, reinvented. Cute and nostalgic, using little paper lunch bags to wrap up smaller items is a neat way to impress your customers. Stamp or decorate the front of each bag with something and tie it together with a nice little bow.
  • Decorative tags will entice. You can find the cutest tags online in any color and design, made from a variety of materials, from paper to felt. Adding a tag to your package is a great, inexpensive way to jazz things up a bit.
  • Wrap it all up with a bow. Whether it's tulle, metallic, or any other type of fabric, bows add a pretty punch to your product's packaging -- and they're very affordable.
  • Don't forget to say thank you. A hand-written note of thanks is a very powerful addition to your packaging that you won't want to skip. Always throw in a business card or two as well.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Nice Package

Now that you know it is possible to impress your customers with creative packaging -- even while on a budget -- there's no excuse for you to skip this incredible marketing tool.

Whether you sell both on and offline, or you're an online retailer only, this finishing touch can be what gets your business noticed and encourages your customers to return.

And remember, it’s not the size of the package that matters, it’s the creative things you do with it. (Tweet this)

So get out there and turn your package into something you can be proud of. And feel free to post pictures of it below – I never turn down an opportunity to see a nice package.

What's the most creative use of packaging you've seen?

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