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"I Like Your Comment"

Anyone notice that you can now "like" comments?! Facebook's blog posted today:

"So like peanut butter and jelly, we realized these two features would go better together. Starting today, most of you will see a small "Like" button appear underneath comments. We're rolling this out gradually, so if you don't see the new button yet you will soon."

It has been rolled out on my personal account as well as the Fan Page (example below):

So how many of you think there should be a "dislike" button?!

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  • Jun 19 Posted 6 years ago JoshTitsworth I see your points, and I can agree with it. I saw that same stat Robert, more negativity = less followed, which makes sense. Who wants to follow someone that's only negative? I think it also comes down to knowing the person, and not letting every tom & jane 'friend' you that you don't know. if it's family yeah you might be asking for trouble, I mean mom might not like the photo of you smoking a bong with friends on spring break, she hits 'dislike' and on all comments on said photo. Who can blame her?

    For businesses yeah I totally see that. Can you imagine the storm that would've erupted had Nestle had the 'dislike' button? It can be slippery slope when adding even the 'like' button, individuals clicking 'like' only to draw attention to it and leaving a less than favorable comment. For businesses I think if a 'dislike' button were enabled the way they handle the situation might also sway whoever clicked 'dislike' to change it to 'like' creating a visible way for all to see the change in opinion.

  • StephanieWonderlin1's picture
    Jun 19 Posted 6 years ago StephanieWonderlin1 Josh - you are correct - it is hard to be "social" when you can only have a certain opinion - such as the "like" option.  Robert brings up an interesting point of social media being a terrible venue for debate and disagreement. I do think that it could potentially stir up some hardcore negativity if it was brought into Facebook.  

    It would be fun to have it for your friends, but being able to use it for businesses - this could be a disaster waiting to happen! 


  • Jun 18 Posted 6 years ago RobertBacal I agree on the dislike button, but here's an interesting thing: Social media users don't appear to like to see or participate in negative discussions, so in fact the lack of a dislike function is consistent with that. Some twitter research I can across (have to find the cite) showed that people who make negative comments are less followed.

     So while you don't have to agree with everything said, generally, if you do, you'll be more appreciated. Social media terrible venue for debate and disagreement.

  • Jun 18 Posted 6 years ago JoshTitsworth I think there should be a "dislike" button. One of the few things I like about Digg is the ability to vote up/down comments made on submissions. Only being able to "like" something and not allowing "dislike" is almost pointless. What conversation/debate can occur from only positive reinforcement? Being social online doesn't mean you have to agree with everything said or "liked" all the time.

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