If You Don’t Stop Sending Unsolicited Emails, You Won’t Be Successful

Jeff Ogden Creator and Host, Marketing Made Simple TV

Posted on May 8th 2012

If You Don’t Stop Sending Unsolicited Emails, You Won’t Be Successful

This is an actual email I received recently. My reaction to unsolicited emails is undoubtedly like others. It’s interesting to look at how I Emailreacted to it.

I instantly scanned it (did not really read it) and in a couple of seconds I concluded I’ve never heard of this company (Clickback) or person (Jessica). Hence, it is SPAM, pure and simple. Jill Konrath said that “crazy, busy executives read emails with a finger poised over the Delete key.” Jill’s right. I sure do.

I don’t know how many B2B marketers are buying lists and blasting out emails in hopes of getting a nibble.

It’s a loser of a business strategy.

Here’s what I recommend you do instead (Thanks to Jim Burns of Avitage for his insights on this.)

  1. Identify target companies
  2. Select target executives
  3. Focus on their top issues
  4. Carefully craft a personalized email
  5. Call each one early in the am and let them know to expect your email
  6. Send the email
That phone message you leave in Step 5 will greatly improve your results!
P.S. I’ve not worked for Greenlight Marketing for years and my email shows my company name, Find New Customers. Can’t she even get that right?

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Hello Jeff,Today 95% of companies use email marketing. It remains the most cost-effective way to communicate with your customers and prospects.In a recent survey, we asked marketing professionals what features would improve their email results.They all told us “more data and analytics.”That’s what Clickback delivers, and what makes us different from other email marketing providers. With each email you send, Clickback lets you discover what your customers really want:

Power up your click-throughs by experimenting with message content
• Adjust your campaigns on the fly with real-time analytics reports
• Determine which words and images drive hits to your landing page
Segment your email lists to ensure customers and prospects receive emails relevant to them
Gain insightful data to improve all forms of communication with your customers

Here’s what our customers say about Clickback:

• “Anyone can blast. Clickback gave me a smarter solution.”
• “Clickback helps me start a conversation with my customers.”
• “This is what I’m looking for.”

Jeff, try Clickback for free. Contact us for a live one-on-one demo before April 27, 2012 and let me show you how to make your agency email marketing program smarter.


Jessica S
Business DevelopmentClickback

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