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Infographic: Why Do People Write Online Reviews?

If you don’t think online reviews are a big deal… just take a look at our client, Angie’s List, now a public company strictly based on a massive, high quality database of trusted reviews. And the fact that they don’t allow anonymous reviews or reviews by non-paying members keeps the trolls and cheaters out for an incredible experience. Their customers love them… just ask them.

Lately, it seems as though more and more consumers are flocking to online review sites, forums and apps to share their opinions about the services they experienced. But as it turns out, not everyone is driven purely by points or freebies.

If you’re a company, especially a local one, and you’re not monitoring your reputation online with reviews – it may explain a lot. If you have problematic reviews, they will drag your sales down. Consumers love reviews and use them to a make purchase decisions every day. Your reviews don’t have to be perfect, but they do have to be trustworthy and well-written. If you have some rough ones that don’t represent your products or services well, you’ll want to get to work requesting them from customers who love you.

Here are some great stats from this infographic from Demandforce on reviews:


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  • Jun 19 Posted 4 years ago BridgetLelay

    I feel so strongly about customer reviews from an avid online shopper like myself these are the make or break it. I have often times booked hotels, eaten at restaurants, purchased clothing all based on reviews. You want to hear what the real people out there have to say. That being said I find that some reviews I have seen over the last few months seem particularily bias and I wonder if they are coming from a true source, it seems that many sites are offering incentives for reviews so it makes me hesitatnt to keep all of my trust in what is said. 

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