Introducing Sleek Image Search by Google

Sandeep Rohilla SEO Manager, Intelegain Technologies

Posted on February 4th 2013

Introducing Sleek Image Search by Google

About ten days ago, Google released Google Image Search for the desktop, which was earlier launched for tablets. This is an interesting experience for both desktop and tablet users. The new search option has affected the website traffic rate.

google's new image search

What was the old search like?
Traditionally, viewing an image on Google was a multistep process. It required users to jump from one option to another by going back and forth to find what was needed. For instance, if you are searching for “Labrador Dog,” previously you need to hover over every single image to get a large size image. If you want to find a big size image, you were required to pass through multiple stages. To get the image, you have to click on the image, which displayed the bigger version overlying the actual website to which the image belongs.

What is the new search like?
In the new system, you can see a larger image after you click on the any image. This means you don’t have to pass through stages and move back and forth to find a larger version of the searched image. The selected image will be displayed in the center and suggestions will be displayed on the top in series. This makes it easy to skimp through multiple images, rather than clicking on a single image and then going back to select a new image.

The change affected the traffic rate on the website. The new search style does not display the hosted or original website, which has reduced the site visits of some sites. Looking into this, Google introduced few links, clicking on which you will be redirected to the original site. This change has resulted in a net increase in the average click-through rates to the hosting website.

This new image search has affected both positively and negatively to online businesses. The sleek image search option is certainly a hit by Google!


Sandeep Rohilla

SEO Manager, Intelegain Technologies

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Kent Ong
Posted on February 4th 2013 at 4:57PM
Hi Sandeep, yes, first used it few days ago and think that is very connivence to view full images and een download images.