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Is It Time to Join a Social Media Support Group? [Infographic]

This is your brain on drugs

I’ve never considered myself to have an addictive personality. I’m not a fiend for coffee. Despite the occasional Coke with lunch, I can go long, ungodly stretches without a soft drink. I don’t smoke—much.

So why is it that I can’t—simply cannot—go five minutes in front of a computer without checking my Facebook feed? I’m not stupid. I’m aware the chance that some long-lost friend might suddenly appear with Earth-shattering news is pretty slim. More likely I’ll kill my time ogling pictures of babies I’ve never met, taken by friends (if you can call them that) I haven’t seen in years. Or cursing the uninformed politics and gushy sentimentalities of a half dozen idiots I swear the entire world should de-friend.

And yet, I can’t stop.

So, what gives? According to this infographic from the folks at Online College Courses, social media, like cigarettes, is a tough habit to kick.

Did you know, for instance, that the average Facebook user spends 405 minutes each month on the site, or that posting content on social media rewards the human brain the same way as food, and even sex?

If you’re thinking of investing in social media programs for your company or association, this might actually come as good news—so long as the government doesn’t require you to publish an FDA warning on your homepage.

Are you a social media addict? Use the comment thread at the end of this post to share with the group. It’ll make you feel better. Trust me. I’ve been there.

Source: This infographic was originally published on Edudemic.

[Image: Partnership for a Drug-Free America Commercial]

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