It’s Tax Season: Market Your Way to the CPA Winners Circle

Brad Friedman President, The Friedman Group, LLC

Posted on January 22nd 2014

It’s Tax Season: Market Your Way to the CPA Winners Circle


It’s Tax Season!

January is the kick-off to tax season for CPAs and other tax professionals in the United States. Make the most of tax season 2014 by jumping on every opportunity to land new business.

Here are a few ways to make the most of marketing opportunities you may not have thought of.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Winning new business is often a matter of being the first to the plate. Get a jump start on tax season by reaching potential clients early. Although companies have until the end of the month to get tax documents out the door, many taxpayers seek out tax professionals in advance, hoping to file on the first day possible and get an early refund.

Take advantage of the opportunity to reach as much of your audience as possible early on through the following:

    • SEO – I can’t say enough for the returns you will reap from a quality SEO plan. Google is constantly updating its algorithm to be smarter about how it indexes its results, so what worked for you last year isn’t necessarily the winning formula for this year.
    • Revisit your keywords, but also invest time in double checking the relevancy of your content to the keywords; this is a big factor in your ranking per Hummingbird, the latest and greatest in Google’s algorithms.
    • Get Social – Take the time to update your Google+, LinkedIn, and other social media profiles and business pages. Become extra active in relevant groups or industry pages – post replies to questions to position yourself as a resource and expert.
    • Get Outbound – Now is the time to reach potential customers with emails, brochures, and other targeted, relevant marketing materials. Make sure each marketing piece ties back to your online SEO strategy – this will help to bolster your brand image and brand recognition with your customer.

Remember, while a portion of potential clients are chomping at the bit to file taxes so as to reclaim their money via a refund, others will put off filing as long as possible; this latter bunch means you will need to reach out continually throughout tax season. Sure, this means additional marketing, but starting now ensures you have ample time to build recognition with them and become known.

Be Original, but Straightforward

Let’s face it, most Americans don’t get as excited as CPAs and other tax professionals do about tax season That said, everyone does need to file their taxes and CPAs have the expertise to file them properly and secure the best possible results.

Appeal to your client base through marketing efforts that respect a few key rules:

    • Keep it short and sweet – Get to the point in your marketing pieces by quickly and succinctly letting the prospect know who you are, what you do, and what you are offering. Clarity and quickness are key here.
    • What makes you you? – There are lots of CPAs out there – so what is it that sets you apart? Whether its low rates, a discounted rate, or quick turnaround, make sure your marketing materials convey your unique proposition.
    • Make it easy – This one ties right back to your SEO plan: make it easy for the prospect to find you. Including long URLs in your print materials is a mistake likely to earn your way to the trash bin… instead include a short URL that is direct to your name or offering, in addition to a phone number.

Implement these marketing plans now, then let us know how your business grew this tax season.

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Brad Friedman

President, The Friedman Group, LLC

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