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Just how big is social media?

Excellent question. The answer could have been tricky, but luckily, there's an app for it, courtesy of Gary Hayes at Personalize Media. You can filter by Social Media, Mobile (even more interesting!) or Games, and determine the time period (now, day, week, month, year). Leave this tab open and come back in 10min. You'll be surprised.

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  • Jan 14 Posted 6 years ago Blair Evan Ball (not verified)

    Rather interesting chart of data in the Social Media world. One begs the question as to what are my Social Media Strategies and Social Media Marketing approach to take advantage of this data to improve business sales and customer service.

  • May 12 Posted 7 years ago dvirreznik Thanks for the comments.
    As for the data, I'm guessing it's more of an estimate than actual numbers being gathered from official sources. Unless Gary knows some very connected people over at Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Vodafone, Google, etc. You will have to ask Gary Hayes that question - his app, his data sources.
  • May 12 Posted 7 years ago gudipudi Could i ask if where are you getting the above data from  ?

    I can see that its practically difficult to know how many sms(es) are being sent world wide.

    Just curious to know where the information is coming from ?

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