Kanye West Is Stalking You On Twitter? That Must Suck!

Posted on January 11th 2012

Kanye West Is Stalking You On Twitter? That Must Suck!

Twitter is a great tool for news and gossip. It's also the easiest way to get news from your favourite famous people. Singers, actors, models, you name them, they probably have a Twitter account. The thing with Twitter is, you never expect the famous star to follow you back! After all, they couldn't possible care about following all 1 million+ people back. But Kanye West did! Well, he followed ONE person, Steven Holmes from Conventry UK. And boy, did he wish Kanye had left him well alone!

The whole charade started when Steven commented on a photo Kanye had posted to his Twitter account and suddenly, Kanye had followed him!

"I just commented on something on Kanye West's account and next thing I know he's following me," ~ Courtesy of Guardian Online

Kanye Chaos!

But this is where the problems arose. Homles was the only person Kanye was following, and his other followers noticed and wanted in! Over one night, Holmes had found he had 3,000 new followers! But not only were these people following him, they were tweeting and DM'ing him asking about details as to why he was the only person Kanye was following. Somewhat of a stalker moment but I guess with terms like "Follow" Twitter really is a legitimate and legal way of stalking people. In fact, the updates and  notifications  from Twitter were so bad he had to delete the Twitter App from his phone just to shut it up.

"Before this weekend I thought it would be cool to have a celebrity following me on Twitter but now I think it's really not worth it. I didn't want to talk to any of them. Fame has never appealed to me. It's vacuous". ~ Courtesy of The Guardian Online

Holmes then tweeted that he was not interested in any of their attention and that he had not asked for it and that he was just a normal person using Twitter. His account has since been quiet with no updates, so he appears to be shunning the attention with a low profile.

What Kanye Thinks

It's not clear why Kanye West choose to follow only Steven Holmes. A joke? Was he bored? Who knows, who really cares either? No one I hope. It's a funny story and that's what matters. Kanye has not said anything about the whole  stupid thing other than when he first followed Homles he said, "You are the chosen one dun dun dun dun." Ooo, the suspense...

However, he has since unfollowed Holmes, who knows maybe he can have his much desired private life back away from the paparazzi eh?!

Key Takeaway

Who am I kidding? There is no real key thing to learn from this... It's just a light hearted story about the highs and lows of Twitter. If you were to learn anything from it, maybe it's not to follow celebs who don't follow anyone? Or just rappers. They don't even make decent music...   Sorry, Kanye, not my cup of tea (and I'm English so I know my tea) ;)

I may not be a famous rapper, but I am the Community Support Manager at MarketmeSuite and I rescue chickens and cats. That's pretty cool right? You can follow me @Nikki__Peters I can bamboozle you with tweets as well as any rock star.

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