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Klout Adds Bing and Instagram

klout plus instagram Klout is taking a huge step to make its influence score more meaningful by announcing Bing and Instagram data has been added to its analytics.

Bing becomes a Klout network

Klout announced a partnership with Bing last Fall, and today this relationship has come to full fruition as Bing data will be integrated into Klout's algorithm. Bing search results will eventually factor into each user's Klout score. Go here to connect your Klout account to Bing. Klout also went on to say about Bing:

We’re also very excited about some additional ways that Bing is surfacing Klout information. Bing is now displaying Klout Scores for high-profile professionals and socially active influencers right in Bing search results. At a glance, it is easy to see an influencer’s Klout Score and expertise without having to click any further.

klout bing snapshot 

Instagram and Klout

Instagram is an extremely popular social network that generates some of the most beaytiful and engaging content on the web. Starting now, all of your Instagram activities will be part of your Klout score, and your most popular photos will appear in your Klout moments. If you haven't connected your Instagram account to Klout yet, you can do here.

How Instagram Will Impact Your Klout Score

Klout designed the Klout score so that the addition of any new network can only increase your score, never decreasing it. So you should go ahead and add as many of your networks as you can! Users with little Instagram activity won't see much of a change, but Instagram power users can expect their scores to rise. The following chart shows how the changes in Klout score distribution for users who have already added Instagram to their Klout networks. More than 10% of Klout users who have Instagram connected will see their scores increase into the 50-70 score range. klout instagram distribution So who should expect to see a score change? Over 77% of users who connected their Instagram accounts will see a score increase between 1 to 5 points! And 16% will see a score increase of more than 5 points! score change

Actions on Instagram

Klout measures influence on Instagram by analyzing social actions and engagement like number of followers and the amount of likes and comments on your posts. More details about how each signal is incorporated into your Klout score can be found here. Also check out your score summary on your dashboard for detailed Instagram statistics and to get a better idea of how Instagram will affect your Klout score.

Instagram and Klout Moments

Klout moments help you take a look at the Instagram photos that resonated most with your followers! instagram klout moment screenshot   These changes should be welcome news to Instagram users. What do you think about the new Klout score? 

Join The Conversation

  • rohnjaymiller's picture
    Apr 1 Posted 4 years ago rohnjaymiller

    The Klout Katastrophe can never be made right.  Never.  Reducing influence to a single number, using popularity as a proxy for "influence," ignoring blog  content---the list of reasons why Klout is bad goes and on and on...

    How wrong does Klout have to be before we stop writing anything about them, let alone giving up this kind of cheerleading that *urges* us to get right over to Klout and by all means get all of our social data feeding into the Klout pipes so they then own information about us?   Huh?

    "Influence" is defined as the ability to elicit change in others.  I'm very influential in poetry of the late 20th century in America, but not so much so when it comes to sneakers.  Or at least sneakers outside my immediate social sphere.  (And apparently not influential at all when it comes to the Klout Klowns.) None of these can be measured simply and none by social media at all.

    Klout neither meaures influence nor creates any kind of useful product with that measurement.  

    The less said about Klout the better.   If we must speak about it, then please paint it for the stupid, irresponsible exercise in VC exit strategy that it is.

  • bobbalfe's picture
    Mar 29 Posted 4 years ago bobbalfe

    Until Klout lets you connect your blog statistics the scoring algorythm is missing a huge piece of influence in my opinion. For instance, I get retweets, comments, etc on the social sites but I also get a large readership on my blog and none of that is accounted for.

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