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Lead Nurturing Your LinkedIn Contacts

We all know how easy it is to grow your network on LinkedIn. Find contacts that are within your network and send the connection request. Moving these connections down the sales funnel is generally much more difficult than getting the connection in the first place.

Lead nurturing is a process of providing a lead, that isn’t quite at the decision making process, continual contacts that offer value. Typically, techniques that many successful lead nurturing marketing firms use include things like whitepapers, informational / how-to videos, webinar invites and newsletters. The theory behind this lead nurturing process is that you provide your contacts with value before they are ready to buy, then when they are ready to buy, they will recall you as being a valuable and knowledgeable professional and they will reach out to you. This process is proven but implementing a sound lead nurturing process can take time and effort.

Exporting LinkedIn Contacts
Not many people realize that LinkedIn allows you to export your contact’s email addresses. You can create a group in your Outlook or email platform. Then you can export your current contacts in to that group. In LinkedIn you select the “Contacts” tab and then down at the bottom right hand side of the page you select “Export Connections”. This will then prompt you to finish the process which is easy.

Once you have exported the connections to your email group you may want to go through and remove anyone that does not necessarily belong there. Then, let the nurturing begin.  Best practice is to send individualized emails (in many cases this can be automated), but that may be too difficult in which case a group email will work as long as it provides significant value. Providing value is the tricky part.

Spend a Day and Plan Your Nurturing / Content
Before you begin to email the contacts in your newly exported list, you will need to carefully plan your nurturing techniques and content. Take the day to plan and begin to acquire this content. Think of ideas that may include a couple of unique whitepapers that you can write, webinars that you can lead, a video you can make or a few short and useful articles that you can add to a newsletter. Create the content and prepare it to be sent to your list. Typically, if you are sending these out on a once every other month basis, this may be enough. Usually, any more than once a month may be too much.

Join The Conversation

  • SeanNelson's picture
    Dec 17 Posted 4 years ago SeanNelson

    Loading your LinkedIn contacts into an email list without their permission is asking for trouble.  These people may have agreed to connect with you but they did not opt in to be on an email list.  Without the opt in what you are sending is SPAM.

    One alternative that you could do, although first email would still be spam, is to send out your first email asking people to opt in, otherwise they will not receive any future emails.

  • Kent Ong's picture
    Dec 12 Posted 4 years ago Kent Ong

    Yes, we need to keep nurturing or follow up to build genunie relationship. I learnt the technique from Keith Ferrazi and Ivan Misner (founder of BNI).

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