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Let's Party: How to #Twitterview

"A Twitterv- a Twitter what? What the hell is that?"

Yes, my friends, that was the one and only Chris Horton’s response to a friendly invite for a #Twitterview from Juliane Pettorossi on behalf of Silverback Social last week. I assured him it was not a sinister plot to trap him in and inescapable social media blunder. No no, I explained, a #twitterview is completely harmless; really you should be flattered. With paranoia swirling in his head searching, I’m sure, for some association or reference to a similar conundrum in medieval history, he agreed to the arrangement - only on the condition that I attend for moral support.

I got your back, Horton.

#Twitterviews aren’t anything new. According to Wikipedia, the first twitterview came two years after the social channel’s inception in 2006 from a rather unexpected source. In December 2008, Alain Ochoa #twitterviewed blogger/entrepreneur Bertalan Meskó for, a Spanish healthcare news site. Pretty sweet, right?

#Twitterviews can be very strategic and tactical. In fact, they are a fantastic way to increase brand awareness on Twitter (take I Am Playr as an excellent example). However, this blog is from the perspective of an interviewee who was just having a whole bunch of fun – and got some great exposure in the process.

Use the #twitterview #hashtag (and others too).

Silverback Social has been using their #SStwitterview hashtag to track and categorize twitterview conversations (their #Twitterview with Horton was just one in a series). This was awesome for those of us following the conversation.


Yes, I know this is like a DUH moment. Y’all know about #hashtags and don’t need me telling you how freakin’ great they are. But it’s the basics, people. 

If you’re representing a brand, get them and their social platforms in on the action, too.

While Horton has a pretty established Twitter following, there was definitely an opportunity to amplify the reach of the #twitterview. So, we got Synecore Tech, our brand, into the convo as well. (And, really, Horton needed some moral support.)

Enter Deanna and myself.

Deanna had a hell of a lot of fun rockin’ out an Instagram video to capture this special moment in the Synecore Tech timeline, and she simultaneously got some crazy footage of Horton in action. 

I managed our (Synecore Tech’s) Twitter feed, starting off with a tweet advertising the #SStwitterview.

As the conversation progressed, I grabbed some of Horton’s tweets and RT-ed them via the Synecore Tech account.


Synecore Tech has a modest following of 2,470, but it definitely amplified the reach of the convo considerably. Yaa-whoo! 

Tag other people in your responses to get more people in on the conversation.

As Horton was answering Silverback Social’s #Twitterview questions (which were awesome, btw), he was tagging some of his favorite writers, brands, etc.


And what do you know - the guy got some responses:


Boom. Made new friends AND amplified reach. #doublewin

Don't be so serious and have an opinion.

This may be the most important lesson learned from this #Twitterview, and when it comes to these sorts of things (and do I dare say life in general?), this is a kick ass mantra to have. Be bold. Speak your mind. Just do you.


Some might not like it, but hey – some might throw some respect and kudos your way.


Still feeling all anxious and nervous about your #Twitterview? A final tip - a theme song helps too:

Thank you, so much, Silverback Social, for letting us party with you on the Twitterverse. Let’s do it again soon. #youdaabesst

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