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LG Twitter Ticket Hunt

Product launches are one of the most important events for companies that define the meaning of a particular product to the company as well as the users. It can be considered as the defining moment for a product’s life cycle in an industry and thus its launch has to be the best. Organising social media campaigns for a product launch does not happen that often yet it has proved to be one of the most promising campaigns for LG, the electronic brand that says, “Life’s Good.”

The brand launched a campaign to promote their latest smartphone model. As part of the LG “stylish” promotional campaign, HUNT published this campaign highlighting the display technology in the world’s slimmest smartphone Device.Users who clicked on the banner were redirected to an exclusive video making a strong visual statement. Users who viewed the mobile video showcasing the phone could forward it on to their friends.

With the help of Twitter, the location of 25 pairs of VIP tickets will be announced on an interactive map accessible via the L-Series branded microsite As fans tweeted #LGtickethunter the map zoomed in, gradually revealing the secret position of the tickets. Using a ground-breaking competition mechanic, LG is giving away over 100 tickets to acts including One Direction, The Voice UK and The X-Factor Tour Live’s upcoming performances at the LG Arena.

Also giving away tickets for multiple acts, selected at random after every location is revealed to the person who has tweeted a message with #LGtickethunter included in the tweet during the competition.

Now this was something that the people had not seen before and thus the campaign lured them to varied possible extents. The campaign gained a lot of attraction and people were actually using the technology to hunt down the locations and trace the clues.

Dave Cottrell, LG Social Media Marketing Manager said, “The L-Series is all about accessible style. With this in mind we wanted to engage our target audience with an innovative and fun digital campaign that utilised our sponsorship of the LG Arena. The LG Arena has a great line up of shows over the forthcoming months attracting incredibly passionate sets of fans and we’re confident they will really embrace this competition come June 6.”

Social Media has been one of the most important arenas to market a new product and begin its life cycle in the market.  This particular campaign gave LG 5,000 tweets at launch and 50,000 hashtag mentions. There was a 38% increase in the engagement rate and the campaign proved to be a great success for the overall image of the brand along with promoting the new product massively.

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